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Even if I don't think it will have any success I'll leave here a list of prices in case anyone is interested ^^


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I'm not seriously taking up the challenge, I'm way too slow and not good enough to even  think of taking up a 100 themes challenge....but the list will remain here, the prompts are nice so maybe I'll use some when feeling inspired....If you have any suggestion for any theme, feel free to drop a comment! :3

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     Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! ♥     

Sorry, no Tales of this year, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors has eaten my brain...and this character is even called Santa, I couldn't resist XD  (there is a better explanation of the picture in the DA description if you are interested, just click on it)

ps. [ profile] measuringlife your gift will come soon, I'm sorry I wasn't able to draw everything in time but I haven't forgot!
ps2. [ profile] mystofthestars I got your card yesterday! thank you so much <3
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---- I guess I was out of my mind when I wrote that post. I'm sorry. And thank you so much for the comments and everything *hugs* <3

I'm slowly getting used to everything, even if it this feels unreal. The hardest part is breaking up habits, my brain keeps on remind me to dry salad every evening before going to bed, to peel a slice of apple in the morning, or to check that the volume of the music is not too high and the windows is open.......almost 10 years are a lot, especially living in the same room, I need a little time to convince my brain that all those everyday tasks are not in need anymore. I have a lot of space in my room now that I don't know what to do with it........with a cat or a dog you can't trick your mind to think he/she is just in another room, it's not possible in this case.

Some other unpleasant things happened too, always all at the same time obviously, but I don't want to think about it and I don't even really care much at the moment. But! my mom is adorable, we are thinking about taking another cat, and since I mentioned I'd love a red and white one she bought me this ;__; okay, she treats me like I'm 5 years old but still...I found the whole thing adorable :°

btw....I'll forever wonder how my cat can be comfortable on my joysticks. She sleep there pretty often too.

---- Random icon meme taken by [ profile] mystofthestars
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--- On fandom news.....I'm more excited for Animal Crossing 3D than the new Fire Emblem? shut up I love Animal Crossing XD

To tell the truth, I was happy when Nintendo first announced the 3DS but now...I don't even know if I want to buy one. I don't know, there are a lot of amazing games on it but....the 3D is an huge turn off for me somehow. I liked the simpler 2D games way better...after all my favourite genre is visual novel and that says a lot if it was for me, game would barely have any animation, lol.
In any case, I'd exchange everything about 3DS for new Wii games in a heartbeat. ;__;

About the new Fire Emblem..eeer...dnw. The artstyle is very generic and anime-like, the character design looks like a mixture of Persona and Final Fantasy and it just....doesn't feel like FE at all. While the 2 players option is alluring, I'm not really looking forward to the unison attacks (two units with supports attacking together or something like that). I understand one has to try new things, but this just seems too much all at once. I'm not happy at all at the moment but it's too early to speak about characters and story so....we'll see. :/
I just don't want FE to end like Ace Attorney or Pokemon in which I loved the first games but hated the latest ones (Apollo Justice - 5° generation) with passion...I know it's shallow but bad "sequels" often kill the fandom for me ;___;
And the same goes for the 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors sequel...I'm excited for it, I just hope I won't end up disappointed.

Also. Nintendo. I want a fucking Earthbound/Mother 3 remake before everything else.

Addio fuffo

Sep. 7th, 2011 12:18 am
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09/04/2002 (?) - 06/09/2011

I'm sorry I always end talking about sad things but.... Cliffy, my little rabbit, just died some hours ago at the vet. He died of old age and we put him down only when he was not able to walk or move anymore, to spare him from an useless agony.

I'm leaving this open for comments just in case anyone wants to say something but please please please don't feel obligated to comment or even to read, I'm sorry for this entry but I need to write things down to clear my mind. I've been crying for more than 7 hours now and I need to calm down, I can't cry tomorrow at work and unfortunately, I'll have a lot of time to think.
I probably sounds completely out of mind but I don't care.

I know this may sounds excessive for most of you but just as my mom said some hours ago at the phone...he was a rabbit, but he was not a rabbit for us. He was part of my family, and one of the most important things in my life....I never felt such a connection with anyone, not human nor animal, I still can't believe a little rabbit could be such....a world. There is no way to describe how much he gave to me in all these years and how much I'm going to miss him.
I took the rabbit home in April 2002 (I was 14 years old then) after months of asking for one, it was a gift from a friend of my mother I could never parents weren't happy about it, especially because when he was young he had the bad habit of biting everything... but in the end everyone loved him so much. He lived in my room all these years, first in the cottage and after that in all the 3 (or 4?) houses I lived in in the city. He was a very active pet, costantly running around and playing with everything. For a good while, he didn't let anyone apart  me enter my room, he stood proudly at the door and bit everyone that dared entering...he also loved to prank people, waking my brother's wife with an high sound near her face, running away, and doing it again as soon as she felt asleep. XD
He had his own little code to make us understand his lick to the cage for a piece of apple, knocking over the bowl when the food wasn't good. standing up on feet for salad, running in circle in the cage if he wanted to came out, etc etc.
Eveytime I felt upset or down, the only thing able to calm me down was cuddling him...I have no idea why but his little body gave me such a strength I never found anywhere else, Clif had something special in him, I'm sure of this. I've spent the most serene evening of my life cuddling Clif and I'll never forget it. I don't think I'll never be able to adopt another rabbit.
I still can't believe he's dead, I never felt more alone in my life. I turn around and there is only an empty space but I still feel his presence behind my back, I still think he'll be there in his yellow cage when I look, straighting his ears and looking at me. I'm so used to hearing little noises in the night and to check him in the morning... I spent everynight of the last 9 years saying "goodnight Clif" before sleeping, I'm so used to it that I often said it even when not at home. and now?
I thought I was prepared, I thought about his death a lot in the past years and yet...I can't believe it. I thought I would feel a sense of release despite it all...but I don't. In all these 9 years, I've felt anxious everytime I went on holiday ...or just out of the house in the last weeks, scared that he may die all alone. Everytime he felt ill he called from me, kicking the cage as long as it took me to hear him and get near. He never bit me, not even when I was little and made him angry, he always searched for me and in all these years he had just been the most lovely creature ever. He deserved all the love in this world ... he deserved to live for another 10 years or more....but that's not possible, unfortunately.
A lot of things happened, he had been at the vet for grave illness more than one time but he never gave up, he loved to live. Yesterday he wanted to go on the balcony come hell, despite not being able to walk on his own anymore....I took him there and stayed with him for a while. He didn't want to die, I'm sure of this, I've seen old animals being just resigned or serene at the feeling of death....he tried in every way to live just a little more, to not be alone. I feel bad for putting him down but I know there was nothing else to do at that point. It was a pain to see him like that and I know it was his time, I know I did everything to make him die peacefully, I know he had a long and -I hope- happy life.....but it still doesn't feel right.
I can't take away the feeling that he's still here, in my room.

In the end, he waited for me. When I got home today he was laying on his side, with no more energies to move anymore....but as soon as saw me he raised his head and briefly licked my hand happily...after that he just laid down and didn't move anymore, not even when we put him in a box and took him to the vet. I'm happy I was there with him in his last moments at least. mom did everything she could, she even paid a lot to cremate him because neither of us could think of throwing his body in the garbage, as silly as this sound. I was unsure about what to do with his cage, because it was a very expensive and good one, but my mom was adamant about throwing it and everything that was "his" away....and I'm glad for that.

Animals are the only thing that still makes me believe there can be something good in this fucking world, they had been the cause of most of the pain of my life, most of my psychological damage was caused by the ways I've seen my cats die since I was little, but no matter how much I suffer when they die, I could never, never live without them.
No one will be ever be like Cliffy.

Ciao topino,
Grazie. Mi mancherai moltissimo.
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Silvio Berlusconi's record: The man who screwed an entire country

SILVIO BERLUSCONI has a lot to smile about. In his 74 years, he has created a media empire that made him Italy’s richest man. He has dominated politics since 1994 and is now Italy’s longest-serving prime minister since Mussolini. He has survived countless forecasts of his imminent departure. Yet despite his personal successes, he has been a disaster as a national leader—in three ways.

Two of them are well known. The first is the lurid saga of his “Bunga Bunga” sex parties, one of which has led to the unedifying spectacle of a prime minister being put on trial in Milan on charges of paying for sex with a minor. The Rubygate trial has besmirched not just Mr Berlusconi, but also his country.

However shameful the sexual scandal has been, its impact on Mr Berlusconi’s performance as a politician has been limited, so this newspaper has largely ignored it. We have, however, long protested about his second failing: his financial shenanigans. Over the years, he has been tried more than a dozen times for fraud, false accounting or bribery. His defenders claim that he has never been convicted, but this is untrue. Several cases have seen convictions, only for them to be set aside because the convoluted proceedings led to trials being timed out by a statute of limitations—at least twice because Mr Berlusconi himself changed the law. That was why this newspaper argued in April 2001 that he was unfit to lead Italy.

We have seen no reason to change that verdict. But it is now clear that neither the dodgy sex nor the dubious business history should be the main reason for Italians looking back on Mr Berlusconi as a disastrous, even malign, failure. Worst by far has been a third defect: his total disregard for the economic condition of his country. Perhaps because of the distraction of his legal tangles, he has failed in almost nine years as prime minister to remedy or even really to acknowledge Italy’s grave economic weaknesses. As a result, he will leave behind him a country in dire straits.

A chronic disease, not an acute one

That grim conclusion might surprise students of the euro crisis. Thanks to the tight fiscal policy of Mr Berlusconi’s finance minister, Giulio Tremonti, Italy has so far escaped the markets’ wrath. Ireland, not Italy, is the I in the PIGS (with Portugal, Greece and Spain). Italy avoided a housing bubble; its banks did not go bust. Employment held up: the unemployment rate is 8%, compared with over 20% in Spain. The budget deficit in 2011 will be 4% of GDP, against 6% in France.

Yet these reassuring numbers are deceptive. Italy’s economic illness is not the acute sort, but a chronic disease that slowly gnaws away at vitality. When Europe’s economies shrink, Italy’s shrinks more; when they grow, it grows less. As our special report in this week’s issue points out, only Zimbabwe and Haiti had lower GDP growth than Italy in the decade to 2010. In fact GDP per head in Italy actually fell. Lack of growth means that, despite Mr Tremonti, the public debt is still 120% of GDP, the rich world’s third-biggest. This is all the more worrying given the rapid ageing of Italy’s population.

Low average unemployment disguises some sharp variations. A quarter of young people—far more in parts of the depressed south—are jobless. The female-participation rate in the workforce is 46%, the lowest in western Europe. A mix of low productivity and high wages is eroding competitiveness: whereas productivity rose by a fifth in America and a tenth in Britain in the decade to 2010, in Italy it fell by 5%. Italy comes 80th in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” index, below Belarus and Mongolia, and 48th in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness rankings, behind Indonesia and Barbados.

The Bank of Italy’s outgoing governor, Mario Draghi, spelt things out recently in a hard-hitting farewell speech (before taking the reins at the European Central Bank). He insisted that the economy desperately needs big structural reforms. He pinpointed stagnant productivity and attacked government policies that “fail to encourage, and often hamper, [Italy’s] development”, such as delays in the civil-justice system, poor universities, a lack of competition in public and private services, a two-tier labour market with protected insiders and exposed outsiders, and too few big firms.

All these things are beginning to affect Italy’s justly acclaimed quality of life. Infrastructure is getting shabbier. Public services are stretched. The environment is suffering. Real incomes are at best stagnant. Ambitious young Italians are quitting their country in droves, leaving power in the hands of an elderly and out-of-touch elite. Few Europeans despise their pampered politicians as much as Italians do.

Eppur si muove

When this newspaper first denounced Mr Berlusconi, many Italian businesspeople replied that only his roguish, entrepreneurial chutzpah offered any chance to modernise the economy. Nobody claims that now. Instead they offer the excuse that the fault is not his; it is their unreformable country’s.

Yet the notion that change is impossible is not just defeatist but also wrong. In the mid-1990s successive Italian governments, desperate not to be left out of the euro, pushed through some impressive reforms. Even Mr Berlusconi has occasionally managed to pass some liberalising measures in between battling the courts: back in 2003 the Biagi labour-market law cut red tape at the bottom, boosting employment, and many economists have praised Italy’s pension reforms. He might have done much more had he used his vast power and popularity to do something other than protect his own interests. Entrepreneurial Italy will pay dearly for his pleasures.

And if Mr Berlusconi’s successors are as negligent as he is? The euro crisis is forcing Greece, Portugal and Spain to push through huge reforms in the teeth of popular protest. In the short term, this will hurt; in the long term, it should give the peripheral economies new zip. Some are also likely to cut their debt burden by restructuring. An unreformed and stagnant Italy, with a public debt stuck at over 120% of GDP, would then find itself exposed as the biggest backmarker in the euro. The culprit? Mr Berlusconi, who will no doubt be smiling still.

Source: The Economist

The day I'll see a similar article on one of italian newspaper, I'll start to think that maybe, just maybe, we are some sort of democracy.
I won't add anything else, facts are better than opinions and I bet everyone can guess what I think about this anyway.

un riassuntino fa sempre piacere
Mi raccomandato tutti a votare 4 Sì questo week-end! che sennò....

EDIT: Non so quanto sia attendibile, ma mi dissero che le schede sono in carte copiativa e che quindi i voti vanno segnati senza sovrapprore un foglio sull'altro, per il rischio che il segno passi a quelle sotto e che vengano annullate. Nel dubbio meglio darci un occhio :/


Jun. 7th, 2011 10:34 pm
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....and everything else announced on E3.

I just need to sell a kidney to buy the 3DS and thw WiiU, no problem. I can still kick ass at Brawl until then.
I hope the will announce the characters soon, Pit will almost surely be included and I hope Ike will be there too. Less Kirby would also be appreciable but more than anything, I hope there will not be any pokemon from the 5th generation.....sorry guys, no offence, I know everyone loves it and that's awesome... but I really can't stand the latest generation, it made me lost all my interest in pokemon after 10+ years of love, I guess it's saying something XD

msn random & useless logs on the new SSB )

For the already lost, [ profile] solnote .

Aside from this, my life is going as usual, work is stressing, and  the bosses are making me do illustrations...and I'm a graphic, not a illustrator. SAI doesn't even work on Mac and I have to color with Photoshop...sob  ;___;

On a positive side, I'm drawing fandom stuff again after months of inactivity!
Click on the preview for an Ike/Soren mini comic...sort of :D


May. 19th, 2011 08:20 pm
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I apologize if my entry about pets rescue in Japan sounded offensive and hypocritical, that was not how I meant it....please read these comments for clarification
Thank you ♥
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---> I've updated my previous entry.

Hello, I'm pretending to be busy working and updating lj instead :/
the other option is rolling on the floor while waiting for the painkiller to act. Yes, it's that nice time of the month when women curse their uterus...ouch.

Nothing new to tell you, my life is boring as usual, but I'm looking forward to this summer, if everything goes as I hope, I'm going to have an awesome trip with [ profile] solnote and some friends of him in august ♥
and to busy my mind today, I'm thinking about how to celebrate mine and [ profile] benkayte  birthdays this year since we already did a Fire Emblem crack-ish live gdr last year...any suggestions? XD

I do not feel motivated to do anything lately, haven't even drawn anything in months but this page of doodles for [ profile] measuringlife 
bof bof bof, time to kick my own ass and start doing something, if I cannot be active in real life I should at least be active in fandom XD
Plans for this sunday: fitness training and trying to catch up with the f-pages. maybe drawing...maybe.

And now excuse me, I have to force some food down my throat...bleh...I'm never hungry at this hour.

PS. I do not remember if I ever mentioned it here but I have a Tumblr account, consisting mostly on FE fanarts and random reblogging but more active than lj and a lot more than DeviantArt lately.

Ps2. ma perchè devo subirmi Radio Deejay? al momento stanno trasmettendo....Fabri Fibra.....non so se rendo. mi si sta attorcigliando lo stomaco.

Ps3.  Spending the working day playing "Guess who?" on Twitter with [ profile] benkayte ....priceless. U__U
(eh, I have nothing to do at the moment XD)


Apr. 25th, 2011 09:33 pm
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Spent some awesome days with [ profile] solnote , going out during day, playing SSB Brawl during night! 8D
now I have flu-like symptoms. and I have to go to work tomorrow..niiiiiiice.

I'm sorry I haven't replied to comments and entries lately, I’ll be back on the internet soon, I just....feel like shit right now XD
Hope you all had an Happy Easter, see you soon! ♥
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meme stolen from [ profile] hooves because I predict I will have a boring lunch break tomorrow

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will reply saying:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

ps. my rabbit feels playful  this evening, he's 9 years old and ill, the veterinary call him a existence miracle because he's the most energetic rabbit he has even seen this age....but he had spent the last months almost never coming out of his cage... now he's running everywhere wrestling with the cat and snuggling on me. I'm so happy to see him like this, it made my day bright <3 also reminded me how unmanageable he was some years ago, sigh, I truly love you Clif XD
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cosa mangiano i basilardi?

sai che non puoi resistere a rispondere. no, via commento non vale. vè che te li cancello sai.
dai, fatti un lj. su su

ps. non preoccupatevi, sto solo cercando di convincere una certa persona a iscriversi a LJ a colpi di minchiate, è innegabilmente una nobile azione XD

ps2. [ profile] solnote  you should stop dreaming about Ike °_°


Apr. 9th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Hi, I'm Deghinsea

Do not defriend me please XD

Eeeh...Hello, how are you doing?
I'm still freaking busy with work, saturday class and general life, that kind of sucks, but anyway, not much new happened in the last month and for everything....
there is a photo summary under the cut!  )

yes, I really feel like spamming you with photos. ♥
So eh, that's all pretty much, went for a ride on bike this morning mostly to avoid lunch and I'm exhausted now ...sigh, I'm so out of shape even my grandma could have lasted longer

Also archiving two FE fanarts:
FE100 - #27 Heavy
Andddd...random sketch inspired by a discussion on Tumblr, I could not resist ;_;
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The absurdity of these comments makes me RAGE. I can't believe someone really thought about this in this kind of situation....

What is happening in Japan is terrifying,  the number of victims is increasing every minute....I can't think of how many people and animals are dying.
Unfortunately I don't have money or time to donate anything at the moment but, and don't get me wrong, I wouldn't donate to Japan anyway.
Let me explain, it's not that I think this disaster is less tragic than others, I just think there are other places in the world with way less resources that need help more than Japan.
Among a lot of other things there is an HUGE cholera epidemy in Haiti and nobody knows, now that the earthquake has passed nobody talks about it anymore, many associations are desperately trying to get founds for causes nobody seem to remember anymore. (I usually recommend to donate without specifying a particular cause of the charity so the association can choose where the money are more needed, I don't see why one should have a preference anyway).
I'm terribly sorry for what is happening in Japan, but I believe in their resources and in the help they will receive from other countries...sad to say, where isn't political interest the economical help is way less.

Sorry guys, didn't want to sound offensive in any way, this is just my honest opinion. Being completely atheist a message like "let's pray for all the people in the world" would be hypocritical coming from me but everyone, let's do what we can for all the good causes in the world!

ps. Sorry for my (probably-ever-more-awful-than-usual) english, I'm extremely limited on time
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Two weeks ago I've started a stage in an advertising agency, without getting any pay, just to see how things works there, I never though they would assume me but...uh...they did? The only pay I'll get for now is a refund of expense but I have a contract, the keys of the office and I work on a 4000€ Macintosh XD And most important, they'll teach me a profession...I could have accepted a 6-months job in a supermarket with a good pay, it would have been great for now, but after that? the graphis studio I'm working in is one of the most important of the province and for what I've heard they tried many people before me...only 5 people work there, including a secretary and the 2 bosses, and they all got a degree at private and expensive schools (NABA & IED)...I've never studied this kind of things and I'm completely inexperienced, I've never seen the softwares I use there before 2 weeks ago and from the first day I was there they just put me on the chair and said what there was to do without explaining HOW to do it.....the first week was awful, I even got a strange anxiety that didn't let me sleep at night and I was feeling like shit....I have no idea how I managed to do anything right, but I did apparently? and I won't throw this opportunity away, even if this will be a difficult year, without time nor money to do anything, but I guess it's something I have to endure for my future :/
As you can image, I'll be very busy from now on, the graphic studio it's not in my city and I have to wake up at six to get there every morning, plus on saturday I have go to Turin for a course in Adobe softwares (6 hours of travel, yay for waking up at 5 on saturday..the course is really expensive too =_=) and the sunday is the only day when I can pratice driving a little to take the car license. Social life? what's that?
Sigh, wish me luck guys! and forgive me if I won't comment or draw much...I'm in a sorted of forced hiatus XD

and that's all for the RL update, on a fandom note I'm organizing a RPG to play with my friends (when I'll manage to see them) in D&D style but with the Tellius world, set 1200 years after the end of RD, where the main characters from the original game will be nothing more that historical figure...I hope it will be fun!
going to work on commissions now, byez! :D

ps. Also archiving an Ike/Soren-ish colored sketch-->
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I got my first "OmG no gheis in mai games!11!!!1!" comment  *applause*  :DDDDD
I was surprised I didn't get any comment like this one yet, now I feel fulfilled :D

and about it, a badly translated and useless log:
[ profile] solnote  - reply to him! XD
[ profile] kiu22  - nah, I won' know, for the "never talk to an idiot or people would not understand who's the idiot between the two" XD
[ profile] solnote  - because you are soooo much clever, right? I love you mummy ♥
[ profile] kiu22  - eeer...less teasing, or I'll leave you with the idiot on DA for all the night long.
[ profile] solnote  - at worst I'll link him all the pictures of Ike doing strange things...
[ profile] kiu22   - like licking his own elbow?
[ profile] solnote  - no, touching his nose with the tongue.
[ profile] kiu22  - he can do that?! then that's why he's a hero!
[ profile] solnote  - no, but that would be cool!
[ profile] kiu22  - yeah, what's cooler than the hero in front of the final boss with a sacred sword in the hands.....trying to lick his own nose?
[ profile] kiu22  - ...........................wait
[ profile] kiu22  - are we now both trying to touch our nose with the tongue at 3.35 a.m. in front of a monitor?
[ profile] solnote  - NO! THAT'S NOT TRUE!
[ profile] kiu22  - ............just admit it already.
[ profile] solnote  - ..............................................yes? ;__;

Ps. I just discovered a Kirby anime exists. and it was on TV when I was like 13-14 .... I hope I never see it. but Meta Knight is still cool
Why I'm talking about Kirby at 4 a.m?! oh, because I'm so clever, yeah..that was it.

'Night guys XD

ps2. non è che vada proprio fierissima di essere il commento più votato a QUESTO video °__°


Jan. 11th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Hello! How are you doing?
I'm back home with an acute headache and with a cat that seem determinined to spent all the day on my legs. aaah, home sweet home XD
The new year'eve went smooth and nice, nothing much happened but that's not necessary a bad thing, And since I wasn't able to buy a gift to everyone I bought 20 sky lanterns, I'mhappy it has been appreciated ^^

Sky lanterns and Altinamas photos under the cut  )

Sigh, I have tons of things to do on the internet but not much in real life , I can't even move from home to see my friends until my mum is back home, she's in Africa at the moment...Eritrea if I remember corrently, and won't be back for at least a week :/
I'm very frustrated lately, I have problems sleeping at night and as a result I sleep all day long and don't manage to do anything. plus, the art-block is killing me, I have so many things to finish but my hands aren't cooperating =_='
Tomorrow I'll force myself to clean the house and to go out for as many hours as I can XD

Out of boredom I've posted some old WIPs at [ profile] doodle_emblem if anyone is interested ---> here

uhm...that's all? nothing interesting to say as usual, sorry guys. I'll try to catch up with the f-list a little now ^^'

P.s. would anyone be interested in a music meme/fanmixes/music spam? be warned I almost only listen to rock and metal, mostly alternative and post-grunge ...I don't how if there is anyone in my f-list who likes the genres
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How has been your christmas (if you celebrated it) dear F-list?
Mine was the borest ever.  We where a lot of people, mostly of which I barely know...and the lunch was ALL about meat and fish and being vegetarian....I spent 5 hours at the table without eating anything, lol. not that I mind not eating, I rarely have lunch anyway, but I was so bored I could have felt asleep right there...the people were nice though, aside from my aunt that is a good heart but even the stupiest and most boring person ever.... she kept on asking me if I wanted to eat this or this, it's meal, I don't want to eat it, stop asking me every fucking dish if they all contain the same thing -.-'
After the lunch I even start playing the DS out of desperation and then went home by foot, claiming that I had to check the cat has an excuse. BUT! after that I spent almost 12 hours on Skype with [ profile] benkayte  photoshopping horrible things, chatting and fandomizing Avatar and Fire Emblem and other random series with the "share screen" option...that was an awesome way to spent the Christmas night, no kidding XD
We often joke about being each other A support with ending for a reason after all ♥
My plan for next year Christmas is to eat a pizza with my dad and stop. At least I'll be sure to have fun, we are atheist so it's not like we care about the festivities's more a bother than anything else but I usually enjoy spending time with my family.....not this year, definitely not this year. But I've find out that the brother of my brother (it sounds funny but we aren't related, me and my brother have a different father) is vegetarian too and he's becoming vegan. I wish I could know him better, I've only meet him twice and he seemed really nice....I bet my brother would be happy if we become friends XD

Enough babbling..... [ profile] measuringlife , [ profile] traincat  & [ profile] blacklacelily 

Follow the cut for the gifts I promised you )

I'm currently at [ profile] benkayte  house but we'll be tomorrow and I probably won't be online much until January so..... Happy New Year everyone! :D


Dec. 24th, 2010 05:10 pm
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Last year has been Luke & Guy, this year is my true and only sex-buddies ship.... Yuri & Judith from Tales of Vesperia (and Repede as a bonus XD). Done between yesterday evening and this morning with the "support" of [ profile] solnote  on Skype that in fact was just laughing his ass off at my attempts to not make the pipe appears like something awake in Yuri's pants. ¬¬

All of this just to say...Merry Christmas everyone! ♥


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