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ok..i'm so sorry, I come back to Italy more than one week ago, i know i know...but now I'm finally come back on livejournal..totally. =__=

the trip in japan has been.... wonderful! this was the most hot summer in the japan history... and simply i can't stand hot temperature... I have thought to die.. but it has been wonderful! ^^''    (vampy posted some photos HERE if you wanna take a look...)
we have meet so many people and I'm really happy for this, thank you so much ^^
..and we have seen Tenimyu, Peacemaker and Sukedachi (they didn't wear the costumes of the photoset.. lol, I can't understand this XD)

I've found a new love, i watched hanakimi (the drama!!) in these days!! i really like it... if the next episodes doen't will be released soon i'll get crazy XDD

lol, I just have a fight with my mum... because she said that the bacchus are really androgynous.... NO. mum, I can accept so many things but.... Juliet doesn't seems like a woman.. NEVER!! XDDD   (either Akira.. where do you see a woman in Akira?!) five japanese magazine she didn't found a single guy that (for her) doesn't seems a female =__=
beh, a dire il vero il termine preciso da lei usato è "checchette eteri".. che qualsiasi cosa voglia dire sicuramente non è traducibile XD

ah!! about the Air Gear Myu Super Range Remix... I have already said that in this musical the most "in chara" thing they do is toushing themselves? ¬¬
Ryuji is a really good actor, more than Kenken i think.. but is simply not Ikki == ....  Kousuke is a leader (and a tiiiiiny romeo XDDD), Akira is...hysteric? too much kind? i remembered a different Macbeth...Yuya.. I love him but Puck with his real voice scared me XD Yanagisawa..eer..not bad! but please don't sing! TT  Juliet is simply Juliet, more or less (and it still has an hairy armpits).  and the musical is... POORN! especially summer noon dream! and in every dance they made a strange move.. O_o'

this is happened! it's a real fact! T___T

Vampy! Pod! My Romio! Hamuretto! look at this!! °_°
lol.. i can make a photos and i scanned ten metres of woven X°°DD

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i miei nick sono mutati molto male in sti giorni...
Ho il potere di divenire me stesso... perchè sono Fico!!
Ho il potere di divenire i cosi gommosi... perchè sono... uh... gommoso?


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