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---- I guess I was out of my mind when I wrote that post. I'm sorry. And thank you so much for the comments and everything *hugs* <3

I'm slowly getting used to everything, even if it this feels unreal. The hardest part is breaking up habits, my brain keeps on remind me to dry salad every evening before going to bed, to peel a slice of apple in the morning, or to check that the volume of the music is not too high and the windows is open.......almost 10 years are a lot, especially living in the same room, I need a little time to convince my brain that all those everyday tasks are not in need anymore. I have a lot of space in my room now that I don't know what to do with it........with a cat or a dog you can't trick your mind to think he/she is just in another room, it's not possible in this case.

Some other unpleasant things happened too, always all at the same time obviously, but I don't want to think about it and I don't even really care much at the moment. But! my mom is adorable, we are thinking about taking another cat, and since I mentioned I'd love a red and white one she bought me this ;__; okay, she treats me like I'm 5 years old but still...I found the whole thing adorable :°

btw....I'll forever wonder how my cat can be comfortable on my joysticks. She sleep there pretty often too.

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--- On fandom news.....I'm more excited for Animal Crossing 3D than the new Fire Emblem? shut up I love Animal Crossing XD

To tell the truth, I was happy when Nintendo first announced the 3DS but now...I don't even know if I want to buy one. I don't know, there are a lot of amazing games on it but....the 3D is an huge turn off for me somehow. I liked the simpler 2D games way better...after all my favourite genre is visual novel and that says a lot if it was for me, game would barely have any animation, lol.
In any case, I'd exchange everything about 3DS for new Wii games in a heartbeat. ;__;

About the new Fire Emblem..eeer...dnw. The artstyle is very generic and anime-like, the character design looks like a mixture of Persona and Final Fantasy and it just....doesn't feel like FE at all. While the 2 players option is alluring, I'm not really looking forward to the unison attacks (two units with supports attacking together or something like that). I understand one has to try new things, but this just seems too much all at once. I'm not happy at all at the moment but it's too early to speak about characters and story so....we'll see. :/
I just don't want FE to end like Ace Attorney or Pokemon in which I loved the first games but hated the latest ones (Apollo Justice - 5° generation) with passion...I know it's shallow but bad "sequels" often kill the fandom for me ;___;
And the same goes for the 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors sequel...I'm excited for it, I just hope I won't end up disappointed.

Also. Nintendo. I want a fucking Earthbound/Mother 3 remake before everything else.


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