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Yesterday was quite a unique day, during the morning in Turin I've seen some police cars around a school in front of my university...being curious I stopped there to see what happened...there was really A LOT of police officers (more or less 12 cars and 2 ambulances) ...and for what I've understand a janitor tried to kill two co-worker with a bar O__o'
the woman that the ambulance bring to the hospital when I was there it is still in a coma and he has been arrested (I heard it in the evening on the newscast, everything was very confused there)

anyway, on a happier note, sorry for making you wait so are the sketch requests, hope you like it!! ^^    (and about these... do you mind if I post it on deviantart?)

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minus Vampy's one XD
(a proposito..visto che non l'ho ancora iniziata..hai qualche idea particolare come ambientazione? perchè io sto a fantasia 0 U_U)

with HxH on hiatus again I have nothing to wait & read every week....... *cries* T__T (I was writing wait and bleed... like the Slipknot's

oh, I bought a new bag for university (as a christmas gift from my mum) ... so cool XQ__

WTF LJ/MOZILLA?! why my lj has that face?! X°°DDDD
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sorry f-list, in these days I'm not commenting on your lj properly but I'm busy to finish a cosplay! lj and/or cosplay will kill me soon, I know.. =___=

!!! about the previous post, for those who would like a draw please please give me an idea, or at least the characters you like, if you want something particular or whatever ^^

First Request: to [ profile] vampy18  
SPOILER (maybe?) how to ruin a scene between Yuto and Airi XD
[Unknown site tag]

...recent facts:
my hair are actually black and orange (and a little bit blonde) .___.'''
 - Mello x Bunta is my new OTP.
 - me and Izu have nothing to do at school but trying to see Mello with horrible face in every persons who walks in front of us
 - Death note and PoT worlds are different or all Tenipuri characters would have died sometime ago.
 - finally I starting to see Kamen Rider Den-O
 - cosplay Lucca Comics ruins our life.
 - ...but my boyfriends will give me two DS game that he doesn't use anymore(YESSS!!)
 - I can't teach how to use a simple program to someone who doesn't understand NOTHING of computers.
 - this post is so much long but I'm forgetting something
 - dopo che l'ho sognato il mio nuovo sogno della vita è far dire "Ciao Amici!" al vero Aiba. dovremmo smetterla di inventarci motti insensati
 - !!ma soprattutto..dire "Takeru e i cosi gommosi" ha realmente proprietà terapeutiche quali infondere gioia immotivata a questo mi angoscia °___°  .... kaaarmico!


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