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The time in which.....I spam your f-list with tons of cosplay photos!
yup yup, Lucca Comics & Games, the most important comic convention in Italy is finished ...and it was great. the cosplays went well, the weather was great and we had fun.......I still can't believe it. XD
la felicità è avere il tempo di rifare i letti alla lucca [cit.]

oh, and I bought a big plushie of Lugia and a 1/8 PVC figure of Tear from Tales of The Abyss... so awesome <333

and since I really don't know what to say.....go ahead with the photos! Huge lj-cut is huge, you has been warned. U_U

preview of the convention: 3 combined photos my camera did automatically.....I'm still amazed of how it managed to combine it so perfectly XD (I did every photo with some seconds of difference, and those people were moving A LOT)

Friday Photos -Phoenix Wright- )

Saturday photos -Tsubasa, The Slayers, Suikoden Tierkreis, Aria & cyberpunk- )

Sunday photos -Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Dogs, Claymore, Naruto & random- )
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I'm back from Berugamo! XD
I finally cosplayed as Lana from Phoenix Wright with my dear [profile] shiki_thief  as Ema .....I *LOVE* that cosplay with no end *____*
and we have been really lucky with the weather.....I still can't believe it, I didn't suffer hot with that june! and it wasn't raining!
che tradotto vuol dire: abbiamo avuto così culo che a lucca grandinerà verde e quadrato per compensare

First time with a skirt since I was 9! XDD
the event itself wasn't good, we did nothing but walking around the city...and like the 95% of the other cosplayers were n00b :/
the only funny thing were the expressions of the people on the street... some of them did the military greet to, I'm the Chief Prosecutor! not a soldier! XD

cosplay photos under a huge cut :D )

strangerly enough exams are going well.... I still have 3 exams for this summer, the illustration work to finish and I'll be free (for like....15 days, better than nothing! XDD)


May. 13th, 2009 10:37 pm
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Hello there!
I'm studying for exams. more exactly, I'm trying to understand how to study since I never did it. I'm pretty sure I won't pass these exams and I don't even know if I should be happy or sad about this, I'm planning of change my course but I still don't know.....I'll se after the exams I guess. and I at least should procrastinate less ¬¬
But I got a grammar book yesterday, lol, my english teacher was tired of it and he did sort of a lottery, we had to guess the number he wrote. I won! this means I'll save 25€ XD
e l'altro ieri un poveraccio è finito sotto il treno ad Asti ma questo è meno allegro da dire

The ghost in my house has talked! yes, I'm serious. We've known for a long time that there was the ghost of a child in this house, many people told us that, but it's not a bad presence and we are not scared (but I'd reeeaaaaallly prefer to not see him ever). anyway, yesterday I had to turn off the light sooner than I planned to 'cause I felt there was "something" and there was strange sounds...that's happened quite often so I wasn't surprised but then my mum wake up and asked -Viola....were you calling me a minute ago?-.... she said she heard a strange voice calling her -Mama! Mama!- for 2 times, then she spoke to me and after a while the voice continued -Mama! BAU!-. he never spoke before ...bah, my mum is happy for the experience, I really hope it won't speak to me T__T'''

other than this...I'm working on cosplay and trying to organize my the end of July I would be freeeeee! until the 2 weeks of August XD

anyway, how are you guys doing? it has been almost a month since my last post and blah blah...but I'm sorry for all the entries I missed T_T

Obligatory fandom note: Nintendo, I don't think I'll never stop to love you <333
--- let me spazz a little over the Pokemon Gold/Silver remake....OMG YES! I WAS WAITING FOR THIS SINCE I BOUGHT THE NDS! too bad they probably won't do a Crystal remake but still..... best pokemon games EVER! I seriously can't wait to play it *__________*
--- if that wasn't enough already... see who will be come back in AA Investigations: ONE & TWO (has Maggey hair ever been than dark?)
I'm still hoping for other cameos (maybe with less important characters) but I know I'm just being too optimistic...and I'm happy anyway! I was really suspicious at first but I'm starting to believe I'll will really enjoy this game can't be worst than Apollo Justice IMO.
--- About Hyotei OAVs....I'm the only one who find it SO amusing? look at their eyes!! XDD the -to draw a character looking younger just make his eyes bigger- theory never stop amusing me XD
I'm not a Hyotei fan but...I have to admit I'm really curious about it U_U

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also, msn doesn't to work this evening and this song is pretty awesome ♥  
il mio pc ha appena tentato di suicidarsi... il cursore si è improvvisamente spostato su -spegni computer- ...seee, ti piacerebbe XD

Good luck with exams and everything everyone!


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