Dec. 25th, 2009 12:54 am
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This year, instead of Santa Claus, I'll write my wish to.....

Dear Namco,
could you please release Tales of VS and Tales of Radiant Mythlogy 2 in something that is not japanese? I know is too much asking for a Eur release, but USA would be just fine! so I can buy a PSP, play these damned games and live happy ever after. XD

and also
Dear Yoshihiro Togashi still have an half-done manga, you know? Mind to finish it someday? just a reminder...

Thanks ♥

ok, that was just to say.....

Ps.  I Flynn you a merry christmas! I Flynn you a merry christmas... and a happy Repede!

Ps.2 I won't be at home until January so.....see you in 2010 :D
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Yesterday was quite a unique day, during the morning in Turin I've seen some police cars around a school in front of my university...being curious I stopped there to see what happened...there was really A LOT of police officers (more or less 12 cars and 2 ambulances) ...and for what I've understand a janitor tried to kill two co-worker with a bar O__o'
the woman that the ambulance bring to the hospital when I was there it is still in a coma and he has been arrested (I heard it in the evening on the newscast, everything was very confused there)

anyway, on a happier note, sorry for making you wait so are the sketch requests, hope you like it!! ^^    (and about these... do you mind if I post it on deviantart?)

   Free Image Hosting at      Free Image Hosting at

minus Vampy's one XD
(a proposito..visto che non l'ho ancora iniziata..hai qualche idea particolare come ambientazione? perchè io sto a fantasia 0 U_U)

with HxH on hiatus again I have nothing to wait & read every week....... *cries* T__T (I was writing wait and bleed... like the Slipknot's

oh, I bought a new bag for university (as a christmas gift from my mum) ... so cool XQ__

WTF LJ/MOZILLA?! why my lj has that face?! X°°DDDD
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-- I got an hair cut this morning (after moooonths XD), I printed an image of Katsura and simply said -like this.- ...not that is really different from my usual cut.. but I finally understand why they call him Zura... my hair looks like a wig XDD
I miss my orange/blonde tufts so so sooooo much (procione d'oro, torna da me T__T)

-- lol, I should go at the radio more often, not only I got 2 (maybe 3) free subscription for all the days of Lucca Comics&Games (as journalist, like the last year..roftl) but even a book and a umbrella (that saved me from 2 hours under the rain) ..good, good, really good! XD
30€ quest'anno l'abbonamento 3 giorni...mannaggia a chi so io

-- other "news": My pets aren't normal. :|
Cliffy is a adventure-mode again... apparently he feel the urge of going on the balcony in the middle of the night (in winter, while raining) ...and unfortunately, he's the only thing able to wake me up during the night...I usually don't hear ANYTHING while sleeping but after years my brain is able to recognize the sounds he make =____='' (lol, that doesn't happen with the cat even if she's sleeping right on my head XD)
and he jumps everywhere like when he was young... the cat isn't any better, she doesn't like fish but she loves sesame biscuits for rabbits...she took the multipack (from a locker!) and bring it on my mum's bed..I found crumbs all over the house. why a cat should like sesame?! and she run run run run constantly. (she slept in he bidet last night..WTF) O__o'
....they are fucking hyperactive. good thing they play together most of the times. .____.'

-- OMG please tell me that it's an horrible fake and they don't want to release this shit with the name of DragonBall... it looks more like Indiana Jones + 007...and were greener the last time I seen you XDD

I'm going to Milan and Friday I'll go to the italian most important comic convention: Lucca Comics & Games XD
be warned, I'll post a lot of photos coming back!  but basically I'll be off until Tuesday or more. Have a nice Halloween everyone! ^^

per gli italiani: gentaglia, io nei 3 giorni di lucca non ho altro da fare se non non ci si riesce a mettere d'accordo qui per beccarci lascio il mio numero di cellulare (BuVle ..ohohoho....vabbè) così nel caso un modo per comunicare c'è 
  non serve più XD

uuhm...I have a bag to do...bye bye!
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ehm...... hello? Do you remember me? XD
Long time no see! This poor lj hasn't been uptated in months .__.'
sooo...a lot of things happened in the meanwhile but basically I spent most of the summer in Milan with friends, the university started yesterday and today I had the english admission test (and passed it ... *still surprise*) maybe one day I will be able to talk properly XD
I'm tireeeed, I need 2-3 hours just to arrive in Turin from my city, but the university seems so interesting!

A draw a day keeps the doctor away XD
Free Image Hosting at
Mukuro from Yu Yu Hakusho, I really like this chara even if she isn't my favourite one from the three kings... the draw was so fun to do (colours are mainly invented btw XD)

and on a fandom note:
I read Level E recently (the manga Togashi did between Yu Yu and HxH) and really enjoyed it..the drawings and the main chara are awesome and everything is so amusing XD
I even finally understood why Shueisha doesn't want to publish the gay/transexual manga Togashi already did.....................probably nobody would never understand the different between it and the others mangas of him. .___.

sorry, I'll try to get what I missed in these months ASAP but ....How are you dears? <3

EDIT: the graphic is missed cause I'm stupid .___.


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