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Even if I don't think it will have any success I'll leave here a list of prices in case anyone is interested ^^


*Sketch  (1-2 character)  5$     
Examples:   link  -  link

*Lineart   (1-2 characters)  8$       
Examples:    link - link

*Flat colored / simply colored (1-2 characters) 10$
Examples:  link 

* Fully colored with texture background  20$ (1 character, + 10 each one)
Examples:  link - link

*Colored with background  30$ (1 character, + 10 each one)
Example:  link

° Paypal only (italiani a parte)
° I Accept OCs and Fanart of anything
° I have no problem with yaoi, yuri or het

Send me a note or an e-mail with your request (and a reference/description for original characters).
I will always send a preview before finishing the picture, in case you'd like some changes to it.

For anything that isn't listed here (extra characters, another type of pict like only the face of the character, etc), other infos or questions please contact me via PM, commenting here or at

Thank you! ^^


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