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Obbligatory talking about Pokemons .......zan zan zan........I don't like the new generation at all. there are like 2-3 I actually may like but nothing special...not only some are ugly as hell, the problem is that they don't look like pokemons at all to me, there is not continuity in style with the previous generations.....bof :/
to said the truth, I'm tired of new generations since the 3° one XD (though there are some that I love...Altaria ♥ Gallade ♥ Roserade ♥) I will obviously continue to like pokemons, I'll just stop at the 4° generation and live happy with it. XD
I'm not even a "first generation or dieeee" kind of fan, the pokemon I like less of them all is Magmar and he's from the first generation so yeah....but I'll probably won't even play the new games or memorized names or things...I guess there are enough pokemons I like already :D
On top of that I still have to finish Soul Silver .... I played a little yesterday, tried to beat Sabrina just for fun since her pokemons are level 53-55 and my team is not over level 41 with not many good moves or stats.............................I actually beat her. at first try, without even treat my team after the trainers in her gym and without using any revitalizer. okaaay....or I'm really good at this game and I don't know it or there is something not quite alright with the difficulty level XD
but I guess my team doesn't suck that much after all, though having Jumpluff that cannot fly deeply penalize it. I swear that cotton ball FLEW back in Silver. >:|

so yeah, sorry but no hate, I really don't care.......tze, try to make me not like Ninetales anymore GameFreak! >:D

Besides how could I be angry with Nintendo after seeing THIS ?!
I know there will be a lot of hate around the "oh no! not cartonized Link again!" but sincerately? Zelda is probably the only "saga" that never disappointed me in any way (though I didn't have the patience to finish the DS ones XD), I'm currently playing Twilight Princess and it's AWESOME, and Wind Waker was probably my favourite one so........a new Zelda game, with a mixture of cartoonized and normal drawing style, with an apparently amazing gameplay..... on Wii? = EPIC WIN. omg, I can't wait *___________*

I'm excited for Kid Icarus too, often using him in Brawl I got endear to Pit and the game looks awesome.....but not having a 3DS or any money for it ....erk, it will have to wait a lot XD

ok, rethinking about could I be angry with Nintendo even only thinking about the 3DS? ♥

EDIT: cute, my rabbit fell 8 years I've seen him sleeping only 3-4 times and for not more than 5 minutes.......I always got worried when I see him with his eyes closed XD
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Speaking of videogames (god, I'm turning in a nerd more than an otaku...), I've "finished" Pokemon Platinum..not bad, but still can't win with the crystal one. I can't wait for the Silver and Gold remakeeeeeee T_T anyway, I just have to level up my team till lv. 100 now....quite boring, isn't it? but at least I'm quite satisfied with it, the party turned out stronger than I've planned (unlike the Diamond team, Roserade and Luxray weren't bad at all but the others....ugh...even a rattata could have beated them *fails*)
I even feel like playing Zelda, I still have Phantom Hourglass to finish (hoping it to be awesome just like Wind Waker) and having a Wii I know I should totally purchase Twilight Princess
and yeah, I remember I have Fire Emblem 9 to play first XD
I'm trying Kingdom Hearts 358/days, I'm not much a Kingdom Hearts fan but I was curious......and I have to disagree on what many people are saying, Xion is not a Mary Sue....she's the queen of all the Mary Sues! seriously O_O not that kingdom hearts characters are the most original around anyway but....she looks so out of place, exactly like a mary sue in a fanfiction.. not considering she has ALL the main characterization of a Mary Sue. lol, Square Enix,

*hugs her Nintendo cup....zob*
my brother doesn't want to lent me his PS2, not even of a pair of months and not even in exhange for my Wii......¬¬ 
I'm already humiliating my inner Nintendo-lover asking for that, how could he even refuse?! *heart breaking*  TAT
That's probably one of the reason we always argue over videogames...what could I pretend from one who thinks FIFA is the best game around and doesn't even know what Final Fantasy is......not that I'm an expert or anything but...  =_=
I want to play Tales of The Abyss, damn it!!! (and I'll do, just waiting for him to be distracted....) XDDD

ok, now I've made an enemy with every PlayStation fan around here I'll just add a little more to be detestable even for Hetalia & Reborn fans
GOOOD....spending some days away from internet I had forgot how bothersome Hetalia was, I don't know why but that draw style hurt my nerves so so so much you have no idea...and I can't open Deviantart without seeing it EVERYWHERE...but on DA is endurable, I never really surfed on that site much anyway...but....UGH...Pixiv...and UGH...Tegaki..........I never found a serie THAT detestable, yes, even more than Reborn, a new record we have ¬¬

No offence for anyone btw....and I was lying, I perfectly know the reasons why I can't stand those serie but I'm pretty sure nobody let me hate it alone XDD
yes, I've been bitchy enough for today, thanks U_U

I'm behind with FMA spoilers (like..1 chapter?) and Host Club (like....2 volumes? XDD)...uhm...time to open OneManga before going to sleep

Good night/Day everyone!

ps. I have tons of photos from my trip in german, I'll just post time.....yeah, like all the photos I should have posted years ago, oh well, who cares


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