Oct. 1st, 2010 07:23 pm
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what a night I had Sunday....
First a stray cat climbed on the rose and get to our terrace.... then a 5am my dad called on the entrance phone 'cause he was suffering renal colic...a little kidney stone, nothing major, he's fine...but when I finally got to sleep at 7.30 in the morning, among other nonsense things I dreamt of me and [ profile] solnote  trying to interview a giant Milka cow...(vestiti e con gli atteggiamenti di Luca&Paolo alle Iene, per altro)...................maybe I should start taking drugs? at least there would be an explanation...

aaaaand...yesterday I had a job interview for a photographic studio, it didn't go well but I didn't expect it to. XD
Now I'm gonna spend the week-end with [ profile] _izu_  and I hope next week to be able to go to Milan <3

fandom note: Tales of the Abyss on 3DS .... OMG YES! I will wait to declare my eternal love to Namco until the english released will be announced (if it will ever be XD) but still.....yay!

and...uh, I took this text
#56% moderately expressed introvert
#25% moderately expressed intuitive personality
#75% distinctively expressed thinking personality
#1% slightly expressed judging personality
...the result fits, the only problem is that I found the link in the tenipuri community and according to this table......I kill dinosaurs, lol.


Dec. 25th, 2009 12:54 am
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This year, instead of Santa Claus, I'll write my wish to.....

Dear Namco,
could you please release Tales of VS and Tales of Radiant Mythlogy 2 in something that is not japanese? I know is too much asking for a Eur release, but USA would be just fine! so I can buy a PSP, play these damned games and live happy ever after. XD

and also
Dear Yoshihiro Togashi still have an half-done manga, you know? Mind to finish it someday? just a reminder...

Thanks ♥

ok, that was just to say.....

Ps.  I Flynn you a merry christmas! I Flynn you a merry christmas... and a happy Repede!

Ps.2 I won't be at home until January so.....see you in 2010 :D
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Hello there!
too many things happened since the last time I've updated this journal XD
first of all, we bought a house...well ok, it's still not sure but 98% I'll have a new move in may, better than throw money away for the affix :/ mum got malaria in the beginning of September, she spent 13 days in the hospital but she's perfectly fine now

the sick one is Cliffy right now, he has some problem with his tooth growing uncontrolled and pricking the bone, that provocked an enormous abscess on his cheek, we did deflate it last week and we are still administer antibiotics but now is skin is turning black and he's losing all his fur all around the cheek =_=
the solution would be a surgery but....a thing like this on a 7 years old rabbit is something like....a heart transplant on a 90 years old man? way too risky. he doesn't seem to be in pain fortunately, he eat and drink just normally and even play with the cat sometimes

and...I'll probably be in German this week-end with [ profile] reversejunk , but I have to call the vetenirary to be sure....but that seems impossibile....I guess I'll just take the rabbit to the ambulatory tomorrow morning...there shouldn't be problem I hope..

Talking about happiest thing (not that the trip isn't a happy thing but it's a long discourse XD)....THESE just arrived yesterday and are AWESOME <333  (yes, yes, I felt in love with Tales of The Abyss and it's all [ profile] carbyno 's fault U_U)

I was talking about that with my mum some days ago and lol, I love my parents sometimes
me - mum....a friend of mine will lend me these cosplay, how bad do you think I will look in them? XD
*showing Luke & Asch*
mum -.....too harness! Could you please dress like a woman for once?
me - I'll cosplay as her indeed.. but since I can rent these I want to try them!
mum - uuuhm...uhm...already better.....which is the whoreish one you shown me yesterday?
me - her? Judith? yeah...she's another one I want to cosplay someday....
mum - this one!!! perfect!! I wanna see you LIKE THIS!
me - mum....I'm not sure this is exaclty what you are expected to say XDDD
mum - I'm just saying you should dress more like a bitch U_U
(il riassunto era -e vestiti da zoccola, cristo santo!- XD)
...........ok, I'm confused, but anyway... XD (better if she doesn't see what I'll cosplay in November....¬¬)

I really need a mood theme (and a layout...ugh) right now but I have no ideas at the moment....any suggestions? :/

EDIT: lol, raw-paradise has updated with dorohedoro 83 just in the moment I've opened the Korn folder XDD  (sì ma...l'82?)
EDIT2: I didn't really understand what is happening but..... YAKUMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cries of happiness*


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