Jan. 11th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Hello! How are you doing?
I'm back home with an acute headache and with a cat that seem determinined to spent all the day on my legs. aaah, home sweet home XD
The new year'eve went smooth and nice, nothing much happened but that's not necessary a bad thing, And since I wasn't able to buy a gift to everyone I bought 20 sky lanterns, I'mhappy it has been appreciated ^^

Sky lanterns and Altinamas photos under the cut  )

Sigh, I have tons of things to do on the internet but not much in real life , I can't even move from home to see my friends until my mum is back home, she's in Africa at the moment...Eritrea if I remember corrently, and won't be back for at least a week :/
I'm very frustrated lately, I have problems sleeping at night and as a result I sleep all day long and don't manage to do anything. plus, the art-block is killing me, I have so many things to finish but my hands aren't cooperating =_='
Tomorrow I'll force myself to clean the house and to go out for as many hours as I can XD

Out of boredom I've posted some old WIPs at [ profile] doodle_emblem if anyone is interested ---> here

uhm...that's all? nothing interesting to say as usual, sorry guys. I'll try to catch up with the f-list a little now ^^'

P.s. would anyone be interested in a music meme/fanmixes/music spam? be warned I almost only listen to rock and metal, mostly alternative and post-grunge ...I don't how if there is anyone in my f-list who likes the genres
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Hello everyone! Christmas cards has been sent! hope you will receive yours soon :D

And say hi to my new little friend, a surprise christmas gift from my mum, 8GB with mp3s, mp4s, videos, radio and even txt, the only flaw is that I haven't find how to randomize the order of songs...I don't want to believe that an mp3 that can basically breed coffee doesn't have a random option. O_o
btw my dad is awesome, he called me while I was trying to make the Mp3 player work:
-Hi, you think is possible for me to work with a program called EmoDio?  (Dio means God in italian)
- Nah, you could at most have a NerdDio.-
I lol'd. some months ago he called me all hyper saying -I've learned a new word! NERD! that's you!1!!!1 :DDD- .....I love him. he doesn't know a thing about games or computers but we can discuss for hours about fandoms. and he's still convinced Ike smells, I'm not sure why, but he firmly believe so.


Naesala/Leanne for the FE Santa Exchange on DeviantArt. This is the first pic of my masochist project of 7 full-illustrations in 9 days, trying to have a life in the meanwhile. I'm gonna die~ 8D

About real life...uhm, yesterday was my last day at the radio, I'm free until January's a little sad, I'm gonna miss the place. but in a hour I'll be at a dinner party with all the co-workers in a restaurant where all the dishes are made with blonde beer, from the appetizers to the sweets, it's gonna be fun, especially 'cause I don't have to pay XD
gotta get ready, see you!


Oct. 1st, 2010 07:23 pm
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what a night I had Sunday....
First a stray cat climbed on the rose and get to our terrace.... then a 5am my dad called on the entrance phone 'cause he was suffering renal colic...a little kidney stone, nothing major, he's fine...but when I finally got to sleep at 7.30 in the morning, among other nonsense things I dreamt of me and [ profile] solnote  trying to interview a giant Milka cow...(vestiti e con gli atteggiamenti di Luca&Paolo alle Iene, per altro)...................maybe I should start taking drugs? at least there would be an explanation...

aaaaand...yesterday I had a job interview for a photographic studio, it didn't go well but I didn't expect it to. XD
Now I'm gonna spend the week-end with [ profile] _izu_  and I hope next week to be able to go to Milan <3

fandom note: Tales of the Abyss on 3DS .... OMG YES! I will wait to declare my eternal love to Namco until the english released will be announced (if it will ever be XD) but still.....yay!

and...uh, I took this text
#56% moderately expressed introvert
#25% moderately expressed intuitive personality
#75% distinctively expressed thinking personality
#1% slightly expressed judging personality
...the result fits, the only problem is that I found the link in the tenipuri community and according to this table......I kill dinosaurs, lol.
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My cat has a new awesome hobby: trying to assault me while I'm playing mmorpg. Believe me, killing the boss with only one hand while trying to not let the cat scratching your face is HARD. XD
but she looks so cute while sleeping

aaaand, if I don't find a work before, I'll be probably be in Bosnia for a week at the end of October :D
My mum has a charity association that works in Africa and Bosnia and she often travels there....I'll go with her this time. I'm still pretty unsure since that would be a busy period and I don't get along much with the other girls that will come with us, they are nice we just....don't have anything in common ^^''
but I hope it would be a pleasant experience....even if I'll be pretty useless XD

bah, anyway, have a draw! click on the preview to see it larger

comment goes under a cut )

Ps. Stolen from [ profile] saru_wa  on Twitter: OMG. XDDD
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I just realized.... I can't draw traditionally anymore. In real life....CTRL + Z doesn't work!! DDDDD:
that's more shocking than all the -santa claus doesn't exist- thing. ¬¬

I've spent an awesome week-end with [ profile] carbyno eating, nerding, fandomizing and walking around the city looking for the more useless things......the perfect week-end for a nerd and a housewife <3
and since we are busy people we spent too much time for an istant cosplay and for tons of videos on ElfYourself XDD
we even finally watched the 8th Pokemon movie....the Lucario one...not bad if not that the video stopped like 297295729 times for 205794849 different reasons...I kind of hate Lucario and Riley now I know the one in the movie is not Riley but STFU XD
oh... and I'm thinking about buying a PSP...dunno, my inner Nintendo lover is suffering a little :/

spamming with a song meme:
list 7 songs you are into right now and tag seven people to find out what they're listening to... (in no particular order...and consider yourself tagged)

1. Breaking Benjamin - Into the nothing
2. Dirty Pretty Things - Bloodthirsty bastards
3. Kamelot - Rule the world
4. The Killers - All these things that I've done
5. Egypt Central - Home
6. Death Cab for Cutie - My mirros speaks
7. Bling Guardian - Spread your wings

Mostly new groups, yay! (or better...groups I had know for years but never really listened). Breaking Benjamin seem to be in every list I do....I love their music just a little little bit XD
I'm downloading a lot of music lately but since there is never enough the pimp-me-a-song is always open and so welcome! ♥
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Tagged by [ profile] kimbnr 

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.
I tag  [ profile] vampy18   [ profile] saru_wa   [ profile] _izu_   [ profile] pharrezychica  [ profile] mukimpokun [ profile] staraptor  [ profile] shiki_thief  (e [ profile] ilrancore  XDD)
& [ profile] benkayte  che vuole essere taggata U_U

Day 1 (10/11/2008)
nothing much happened today...thanks to the snow I'm blocked at home...but I sleeped a lot with Emy on my belly and Cliffy is so soft and warm <33 pets always make me happy XD 
oh, and my pc is AWESOME, he should has been repaired months ago but he's working fast as usual with Emule, msn, some Mozilla pages, some open folders, VLC player and I don't even have problem with the oekaki board .... Rio-sama, ILU *____*

Day 2 (11/11/2008)
Ehi, my bro finally announced his wedding date, on July, 4th! The reaction of me and my mum was -ah..... ok! *clap clap clap* : D- ...he's with her since 15 years ago and they already live basically won't change anything. (she is really much like my sister and I've always had more mutual understanding with her than with my brother, lol XD)
Obliously, no church and the cerimony will be like a huge party and it will continue until least that's what my brother said....anyway I'm so looking forward to it! ^^
ah...e ho beccato una nutria grossa come un carrozziere e dalle fattezze simili sulla strada, ma questo forse è di minore importanza....però ho paura abbia fatto una brutta fine povero topone T_T

oh... my parents reriously wanted to buy gadgets of THIS , good thing it ships only in U.S.  U_U
(me, my mum, my granma, my bro and his fianceè XD)

meme stolen from [ profile] mukimpokun 

The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level. If you absolutely can't draw, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drabbles or icons or something instead.

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Thank you so much to everyone commented on my last entry! ♥   ^^
now is really time to happier entries XD

-- [profile] mukimpokun I got your letter yesterday! Thank you dear!! I've read it while walking home and I burst out laughing reading that the pics I sent you were for my draw so cute!! XD
I'll watch the higamyu as soon as possible <333

--zob I have a lot of things to draw but I'm really not in the mood....I didn't completed anything since june T___T  ispiratiooon! come baaaack! I miiiiiss you! XD

-- talking about fandom... I've seen the Den-O/Kiva movie some days ago and omg, I missed den-o so badly XD
not really spoilers but do not read this if you didn't see it yet
I never liked tokusatsu but the Den-o is too awesome to not love it XD and the pink random rabbit enemie at the beginning rules. and I will never stop to laugh every time the Yuto armor moo. Ryuuta and his dancers act even crazyer that usual in the movie @_@
Yuto possesed by Urataros was the most disturbing thing ever ... but Yuto is spastic enough to lose even with a smart imagin XD
(Men's URA vol.3 WINS XDDD)

-- lol, I had a marvelous dream tonight *___*     (well...maybe marvelous isn't the right adjective)
first I was at my house and my mum was engaged with a member of the Mafia and this guy had Ban and Ginji from Getbacker as bodyguards and then I don't remember what happened but there was Jusdero and Debit (from D.gray-man) fighting with Cliffy that was sitting in his hutch on this dvd (that was really important to me but I don't know why) using something like fuchsia lasers (onde psioniche! ecco cos'erano!....fuscia.) and at this point Cliffy surrendered and they destoyed the dvd T___T
and then I spent a lot of time talking to Ginji but I can't remember what we said XD
the second part of the dream is even more confused... I just remember that I was with [profile] _izu_ in a hotel, for a school trip I think, and we did a mess with rooms and got 2 package from a  japanese girl, mine with some manga stuffs and her one something about Izzy, a umbrella she forgot there (in japan ?! XD) and a receipt of a japanese McDonald.......... I loled hard U__U

I doujinshi ti fanno capire molte cose. per esempio di quanto si possa essere poco romantici cantando l'ape maia quando questi, nel pieno dell'angst, parlano di metaforiche ali.


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