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Two weeks ago I've started a stage in an advertising agency, without getting any pay, just to see how things works there, I never though they would assume me but...uh...they did? The only pay I'll get for now is a refund of expense but I have a contract, the keys of the office and I work on a 4000€ Macintosh XD And most important, they'll teach me a profession...I could have accepted a 6-months job in a supermarket with a good pay, it would have been great for now, but after that? the graphis studio I'm working in is one of the most important of the province and for what I've heard they tried many people before me...only 5 people work there, including a secretary and the 2 bosses, and they all got a degree at private and expensive schools (NABA & IED)...I've never studied this kind of things and I'm completely inexperienced, I've never seen the softwares I use there before 2 weeks ago and from the first day I was there they just put me on the chair and said what there was to do without explaining HOW to do it.....the first week was awful, I even got a strange anxiety that didn't let me sleep at night and I was feeling like shit....I have no idea how I managed to do anything right, but I did apparently? and I won't throw this opportunity away, even if this will be a difficult year, without time nor money to do anything, but I guess it's something I have to endure for my future :/
As you can image, I'll be very busy from now on, the graphic studio it's not in my city and I have to wake up at six to get there every morning, plus on saturday I have go to Turin for a course in Adobe softwares (6 hours of travel, yay for waking up at 5 on saturday..the course is really expensive too =_=) and the sunday is the only day when I can pratice driving a little to take the car license. Social life? what's that?
Sigh, wish me luck guys! and forgive me if I won't comment or draw much...I'm in a sorted of forced hiatus XD

and that's all for the RL update, on a fandom note I'm organizing a RPG to play with my friends (when I'll manage to see them) in D&D style but with the Tellius world, set 1200 years after the end of RD, where the main characters from the original game will be nothing more that historical figure...I hope it will be fun!
going to work on commissions now, byez! :D

ps. Also archiving an Ike/Soren-ish colored sketch-->


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