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I got my first "OmG no gheis in mai games!11!!!1!" comment  *applause*  :DDDDD
I was surprised I didn't get any comment like this one yet, now I feel fulfilled :D

and about it, a badly translated and useless log:
[ profile] solnote  - reply to him! XD
[ profile] kiu22  - nah, I won' know, for the "never talk to an idiot or people would not understand who's the idiot between the two" XD
[ profile] solnote  - because you are soooo much clever, right? I love you mummy ♥
[ profile] kiu22  - eeer...less teasing, or I'll leave you with the idiot on DA for all the night long.
[ profile] solnote  - at worst I'll link him all the pictures of Ike doing strange things...
[ profile] kiu22   - like licking his own elbow?
[ profile] solnote  - no, touching his nose with the tongue.
[ profile] kiu22  - he can do that?! then that's why he's a hero!
[ profile] solnote  - no, but that would be cool!
[ profile] kiu22  - yeah, what's cooler than the hero in front of the final boss with a sacred sword in the hands.....trying to lick his own nose?
[ profile] kiu22  - ...........................wait
[ profile] kiu22  - are we now both trying to touch our nose with the tongue at 3.35 a.m. in front of a monitor?
[ profile] solnote  - NO! THAT'S NOT TRUE!
[ profile] kiu22  - ............just admit it already.
[ profile] solnote  - ..............................................yes? ;__;

Ps. I just discovered a Kirby anime exists. and it was on TV when I was like 13-14 .... I hope I never see it. but Meta Knight is still cool
Why I'm talking about Kirby at 4 a.m?! oh, because I'm so clever, yeah..that was it.

'Night guys XD

ps2. non è che vada proprio fierissima di essere il commento più votato a QUESTO video °__°
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I didn't suffer from pollen allergy in spring and during starts at the end of August? :|
I even had the brilliant idea of gardering my cactus today......the result? now my hands looks like the image below and the rabbit ate half the plants ....DAMMNIT XD

also, I had a photo of my rabbit on my desk disappeared O_o
I don't remember of moving it...and I wouldn't had any reason of doing so.....and I was alone at home since my mum was in Africa but it isn't anywhere in my just disappeared...all the other photos are in the right place....WTF O__o

--- I'm glad that apparently I'm not the only one who can't stand the new Twitter/Facebook option on LJ......why the fuck should I would like to post my comments on other accounts not on LJ? ...and now you can't comment on LJ using a Facebook account? woah, thank you LJ for giving me a reason to turn this journal friends-only. and I don't even ever write anything private, lol.
grrrr ...I never had an account on that damned site 'cause I hate hate hate Facebook and its fucking "privacy" policy in every possible way and having it throw down your throat in the only site I was hoping would not affiliate is not nice -.-****
per altro se qualcuno prova a commentare/friendare da facebook lo scotenno, io avverto -.-

on a happy note....[ profile] shian_wind  bought this awesome wig in Japan for me <33 It costwaaaay too much but the quality can't be compared to the ones on Ebay...and I'm stupid. yuuup.
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I'm a bored, bored person.
and this is actually not all my fault, the idea born with [ profile] carbyno  time ago....and it fits

FE fans, you are free to kill me.
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Taking a day to check the friends page, reply to comment and updating.....the temperatures is killing mee but more than many damned mosquitos are around this year? O__O

on happy news... me, [ profile] benkayte , [ profile] carbyno  and [ profile] shian_wind could start to call ourselver live-in partners since we spent almost 2 weeks together and I'll be at [ profile] shian_wind  house with them in 3 days....the only problem is that we are the less productive people ever when together XDDD

BUT! some photos of fandom biscuits (FE, Gundam00 and others) and my cat under the cut XD )
most productive thing we had done in a week pretty much XD

ma a parte ciò...

lj-cut in italiano delle puttanate accadute di recente che temo potranno capire solo gli interessati quindi ignorate con fiducia )

there is such a nice evening planned for me..... a dinner with my mum and my dad to "talk about future" ...... can you feel how fearsome this sounds? *shudders*  .____. 
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---- Thanks to an unexpected free premium account to MegaUpload (YOU know what I'm talking about è_é) and after talking with [ profile] inomuiro  about it, I've started watching Durarara again...I'm at episode 10 now, it's a really nice watch but still nothing more to me :/
it doesn't have the It-makes-you-almost-every-character-even-if-they-are-completely-insane thing Baccano! least not to me...and no 1930s America setting = no party XD

--- got an haircut today..and the cat is avoiding me like hell T_T she hates the dye smell apparently T__T

--- I'm currently struck at home with the most boring and loquacious electrician ever. seriously, he has been there for a hour now and haven't shut up for a second!! he keeps on talking and talking and talking....mostly to himself since I'm here posting but uhm *shrugs*

I wanted to post something else for a change but I have nothing on this computer...hopefully my pc will be back this evening :/
so, have some other Fire Emblem sketches under the cut! there is a mild shonen-ai in it
A kiss?! in one of my drawings?! how did that happened °A° )

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how are you doing guys? Did you spent well your holidays? ^^
I had a lot of fun on New Year's day with my friends at [ profile] shian_wind 's home, the place was awesome and I had some wonderful gifts *_* unfortunately I can't take a photo right now since I don't have a memory card here but believe me, they are awesome XD
and we did spent the 01/01 afternoon and evening melting ice and snow...the plumbing freezed and we were in 23 in a home without any water...oh well, we managed it anyway XD

Besides from that...I'm studying english linguistics, fandomizing too many things at once and playing Nintendo games with the cat on my lap in the free time....and my mum is in Africa....seems like nothing ever changes °_°
oh, and I bought a PS2 (from [ profile] carbyno 's little bro X°D)...haven't played it yet, but  I've already borrowed tons of games, I'll play them all once the exams are ended U__U''''

Two memes stolen around:
Give me a fandom, and I'll tell...

- my holy lovey-dovey: the couple I just can't break not even once for fun.
- my fandom whore: the character I can pair with almost everyone with great satisfaction
- my fandom nun: the character I don't manage to match with anyone no matter how had I try


Leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you.

(e vi informo che giocando a Fire Emblem ho sbavato come una merda nel vedere un cavaliere a cavallo che attacca spavaldo il mago in prima fila e viene seccato in un colpo senza far danno....così.....scusate....momento d'orgoglio e di goduria immane XD)
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First of everything: [ profile] victor_victim I got your christmas card today and it really made my day!! Thank you so much, the draw is so cute, I love it! <333 Lana *___*

other news:
-- my rabbit is feeling a lot better now that the abscess has been removed and I'm so relieved ^^
-- I'll spend the week-end here at my home with [ profile] carbyno basically doing nothing and yeah, that's great XD
-- ...I'm not feeling well at all, but before dying on the bed ignoring all the things I should do and playing some stupid games.... meme!

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favourite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

1 - Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Yusuke
2 - Dorohedoro - Dokuga
3 - Tales of The Abyss - Guy Cecil
4 - Tales of Vesperia - Yuri Lowell
5 - Beck
6 - Full Metal Alchemist - Edward Elric
7 - Pokemon - Ninetales
8 - Will & Grace
9 - Tenchu - Ayame
10 - Gintama - Katsura
11 - Princess Princess (shut up, I love that manga XD) - Tohru
12 - Bleach - Yumichika
13 - Gekiranger - Rio
14 - Kamen Rider Den-O
15 - Tokyo Babylon - Subaru Sumeragi
16 - Strangers in Paradise (I don't think you could ever guess it °__°)
17 - Phoenix Wright
18 - GetBackers
19 - Zelda - Link! he come to town!
20 - Super Mario

I've already did this a lot of time ago here....and it was hard to pick another 20fandoms (you can tell by...the randomness of them XD)
EDIT: and I just noticed I had forgot a lot of many do I have?! O__o'
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Hello everyone! How are you going?
I'm trying to survive the hot temperature and to clean the house waiting for  [ profile] rdelcaos  , [ profile] ishirane  , [ profile] reversejunk  , [profile] shiki_thief and her boyfriend who doesn't have a lj account (gigio culo!) to spend the week-end with them XD
I should be studying and instead not only I didn't even opened a book yet....I'm even doing useless thing like arranging a wig for a cosplay convention that will November ¬¬
that's the result: one & two   not that bad considering it's the first time I arrange a wig and I did with a one hand ( the head doesn't stand by itself) XD  it should be looking something like this

my cat did understand everything in life (she's trying to looks dead to not be chased away from the ventilator XDD)

I'm planning a huge post with some photos of my bro's marriage and my holidays the next week T_T
sorry everyone, I'll try to catch and comment your entries soon! T_T

......hooooot.....I didn't eat or drink anything from yesterday evening at vital function are reduced at minimum @_@

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I now know, I have the stupiest cat ever. we put the shovel on the chandelier (and with these hot temperatures, they are a bliss ♥) but the cat stayed 2 days in the wardrobe 'cause she was scared..but the shovel weren't on! ...she isn't scared anymore fortunately XD
but while searching for her everywhere (-.-) I went at the 4th floor of my condominium ...I thought there was someone there since everynight I hear a lot of rumours one lives there and the door is closed with some fornitures....[ profile] vampy18 , who lived in this house before, used to hear the same noise... that's explain why the rumours where the same everynight but doesn't explain why in this not-really-old-in-the-centre-of-the-city condominium there are so many ghosts XD

oh..the concert was cool... I feel to lazy to write a review but it went well U_U
and as did the exam... I got 28.....totally unexpected and undeserved but I'm happy anyway XD
-Quindi....che cos'è la valenza per i linguisti? che è diverso da ciò che è per i gioiellieri-
-eh... lo so... ci abito....-
-ah, pure?! che culo!-
-a me lo dice?-
NB. Valenza è disgraziatamente il luogo dove vivo e fu era è anche la città dell'oro.... waaaah...non riuscirò a liberarmi delle mie origini valenzane neanche spostandomi a Torino....ugh....inizierò ufficialmente a dire che sono di Alessandria, giuro! T___T

I won't be able to study for the history exam and that mean a free week before I'll leave for holiday *_* (I shouln't be happy XD)
I want to draw like a mad, work at cosplay and watch some good movie...I already have a long list but anyway... Does anyone have a good movie to recommend?

today in my brother marriage ...gaah...I have to get ready......I can't wait to this damned cerimony to end, my mum is turning me CRAZY! -.-***


May. 13th, 2009 10:37 pm
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Hello there!
I'm studying for exams. more exactly, I'm trying to understand how to study since I never did it. I'm pretty sure I won't pass these exams and I don't even know if I should be happy or sad about this, I'm planning of change my course but I still don't know.....I'll se after the exams I guess. and I at least should procrastinate less ¬¬
But I got a grammar book yesterday, lol, my english teacher was tired of it and he did sort of a lottery, we had to guess the number he wrote. I won! this means I'll save 25€ XD
e l'altro ieri un poveraccio è finito sotto il treno ad Asti ma questo è meno allegro da dire

The ghost in my house has talked! yes, I'm serious. We've known for a long time that there was the ghost of a child in this house, many people told us that, but it's not a bad presence and we are not scared (but I'd reeeaaaaallly prefer to not see him ever). anyway, yesterday I had to turn off the light sooner than I planned to 'cause I felt there was "something" and there was strange sounds...that's happened quite often so I wasn't surprised but then my mum wake up and asked -Viola....were you calling me a minute ago?-.... she said she heard a strange voice calling her -Mama! Mama!- for 2 times, then she spoke to me and after a while the voice continued -Mama! BAU!-. he never spoke before ...bah, my mum is happy for the experience, I really hope it won't speak to me T__T'''

other than this...I'm working on cosplay and trying to organize my the end of July I would be freeeeee! until the 2 weeks of August XD

anyway, how are you guys doing? it has been almost a month since my last post and blah blah...but I'm sorry for all the entries I missed T_T

Obligatory fandom note: Nintendo, I don't think I'll never stop to love you <333
--- let me spazz a little over the Pokemon Gold/Silver remake....OMG YES! I WAS WAITING FOR THIS SINCE I BOUGHT THE NDS! too bad they probably won't do a Crystal remake but still..... best pokemon games EVER! I seriously can't wait to play it *__________*
--- if that wasn't enough already... see who will be come back in AA Investigations: ONE & TWO (has Maggey hair ever been than dark?)
I'm still hoping for other cameos (maybe with less important characters) but I know I'm just being too optimistic...and I'm happy anyway! I was really suspicious at first but I'm starting to believe I'll will really enjoy this game can't be worst than Apollo Justice IMO.
--- About Hyotei OAVs....I'm the only one who find it SO amusing? look at their eyes!! XDD the -to draw a character looking younger just make his eyes bigger- theory never stop amusing me XD
I'm not a Hyotei fan but...I have to admit I'm really curious about it U_U

Icon Meme, just to be original )

also, msn doesn't to work this evening and this song is pretty awesome ♥  
il mio pc ha appena tentato di suicidarsi... il cursore si è improvvisamente spostato su -spegni computer- ...seee, ti piacerebbe XD

Good luck with exams and everything everyone!
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Hello! it has been...more than a month since my last entry ^^''
useless to say, I'm sorry to not being able to comment or post more often, I'm so behind with work and even more with University *should stop to waste time* T_T
how are you?

I'm planning of spending easter in Bergamo with my friends and to visit Le Cornelle, I won't be at home until Tuesday *___*
(expect some photos from the wildlife park if I manage to settle the camera, damn, it's not even mine XD)

anyway, I wanted to do a post full of cosplay pictures but I haven't got all the photos from Cartoomics yet so I have to wait :/
just a preview of our Tsubasa Chronicle group (click on the image to see it in full size)

I even did some draws lately, mostrly about Phoenix Wright and Dorohedoro but...uh...too much for your poor F-page XD
I don't mean to spam you, if you are interested everything is in my Deviantart account

Uuuuuhm........Since I have to stay a lot of time drawing at the pc and I'm learning by heart all my mp3s, could you please dear f-list pimp me a song? I really want something new to listen ^^''

[ profile] ilrancore  aggiorna più di me, ma ci rendiamo conto? XD


Feb. 27th, 2009 08:45 pm
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as usual, I'm sorry for being so absent, school and work are eating my soul... ^^'
real life sucks, but that's ok, I won't complain about it XD how are guys doing? :°

lol, I tried to dye my hair some days ago and...I failed. ---> the fist day I looked like this... now it's way darker but still red & black, lol XD

on fandom note:
there aren't new chapter of anything I read this month ¬¬'
but! I've finished Phoenix Wright (I mean, all the 3 games, I'm playing Apollolo Justice now...and I'm already at the last chapter XD)
lol, I even had a crack dream about Phoenix trying some horrible and colorful wigs in court with Dahlia as witness (what a news) watching him with this expression -.-'' XDD

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

meme 1 )

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given!

meme 2 )


Jan. 12th, 2009 11:48 pm
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Hola people XD
I'll update and comment more soon, I promise, now I'm quite busy with exams ^^'

Non ho ancora commentato il capodanno e ormai è un po' tardi per farlo (magari un idiotically..forse)... però è stato fighissimo! nerd. ma fighissimo, mi sono divertita un sacco *_*
(cito solo -germi miei!- e -non sei vaaaaattene- perchè sì...voglio aver tempo per disegnaaaare! XD)

*classici discorsi filosofeggianti inutili*
me -ma poi perchè dio dovrebbe per forza avere il pene?
mio padre che ne so... dio per me è una nana nera pelata e con gli occhiali!-

c'ho messo i miei buoni 20 minuti a interpretare il wapf della planet come l'abbreviativo di shapawf...cioè shawapufu....cioè pufu (cioè, non era brutto abbastanza così? ._.) ma almeno è uscito hxh 25.

ma l'importante di questo post è che vi comunico ufficialmente che:
GIURO, per una settimana da oggi, di non parlar male di Trenitalia!
e sarà durissima, dopo mezza giornata la volontà già vacilla e trenitalia stessa mi mette a dura prova con 2 ore signori, 2 ore di vagone completamente buio e senza traccia di riscaldamento ma...attenzione attenzione.... va bene così!!

la verità è che oggi ho fatto un abbonamento mensile da 74 euro per scoprire che causa esami/lauree ho lezione fino a questo venerdì...e, nonostante la scritta a caratteri cubitali "NON RIMBORSABILE" sul biglietto, un omino trottolosissimo (direttore..responsabile..non ho capito, alle biglietterie mi hanno spedito in sto ufficio di vetro Oo) insomma...esso ha parlato mezz'ora al telefono con il mondo, tra il direttore regionale e quello di alessandria, ha fatto di tutto....alla fine, dopo 40 minuti, mi ha rimborsato pur non potendo assolutamente per legge e senza neanche farmi pagare il biglietto per oggi! merita il mio giuramento *_____*
in ogni caso tutto ciò non mi impedisce di parlar male dei passeggeri...e dico a TE, che già puzzi di galbanino scaduto nell'83 e con l'alito pieghi i che cazzo c'hai da urlare 2 ore al telefono?!  ma non puoi mollarla a casa la fidanzata?! coooosa cazzo ti urliiiiiii O_O
e a parte questo a inglese mi si è seduto difianco un tizio con lo zainetto delle tartarughe ninja che ha borbottato tipo shinji TUTTA la lezione....fortuna che ero talmente assoppita nella lettura che ignorarlo mi riusciva facile facile...e no, non ho incontrato solo casi umani ma anche gente simpatica, ma mica è divertente parlare di loro U_U

nota finale: lo speciale di Fazio su De Andrè di ieri mi è piaciuto molto :°

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I will not be around until january cause after christmas I'm going to [ profile] benkayte  house to see my lovely friends  & [ profile] ilrancore 

[ profile] kawachu , I got your card today, Thank you! <3
I was surprised to understand what is writen in the front *has a bad relationship with french* XD

me - lol, a friend of mum invited us to celebrate Christmas mass........-
my dad - ...I know you would never go there, but please don't even think about it!! image that poor priest that see all his candles melting and all the statues crying! don't go, do it for him!
me  - .........ehi, I know you are talking seriously. ¬¬


deliri mistici che lj mi ha gia' cancellato una volta e che comunque non era il caso di leggere XD )

EDIT: Happy birthday Yukimura! XDD

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Day 3 (12/11/2008)
shopping and cleaning the house, nothing much to say but I had time to draw and study a little XD

Day 4 (13/11/2008)
[ profile] benkayte  , [ profile] shiki_thief  and Dev  are coming here, they will stay for the night and I'm obviously very happy to see them <33 (i regali di natale sono il male)

Day 5 (14/11/2008)
Simply, I love my friends.. prrrruuuuuh :° 
*uomo trentenne fan delle nutrie che lecca i capitelli* 
*quando IlRancore è a casa della sua mamma, le cose si suicidano inspiegabilmente*
*I gabinetti leccano Risu, che è anche il magico uomo che si palpa da solo. che sembra poco, ma provate a farlo da legati con le braccia dietro la schiena!*

Day 6 (15/11/2008)
I'm not so behind with Japanese...really really good new.  XD
But at least I was able to go to school, I'm surprise only one of three bridge for Alessandria is closed, while some cities around there are completely flooded.    (not have to worry cause my city can't be flooded even if it has a river is awesome. the only thing I like about this place probably but.. awesome. U_U)

Day 7 (16/11/2008)
My mum was in Turin for a lecture in a school and we comed back home with the same train, she even tried to play PW XD (no bus today, yay!)
e torino è l'unica università al mondo in cui il "nè" giapponese si può spiegare con -lo stesso che usate voi.-  XDD

Day 8 (17/11/2008)
I got [ profile] staraptor  christmas card! thank you! ^^  and I played Phoenix Wright for hours today, on the train, I'm so loving that game :°

Sob, I got a really shitty week XD

a parte ciò oggi per prendere il pullman mi son fatta venire la gastrite -.-
ora... "la fermata temporanea è al lago dei cigni davanti alle poste (spalto borgoglio)" questo era scritto, il che mi starebbe pure bene se non fosse che quei cigni li ho visti l'ultima volta a 7 anni e ne avranno già avuti 30, inutile dire che marcavano malino, non considerando poi che sul suddetto lago ora c'è un bar, e non considerando che spalto borgoglio sono all'incirca 300 metri e le poste sono un edificio grosso come la stazione e anonimo che una fabbrica di sottaceti in confronto sprizza colori da ogni mattonella. ma con la porticina piiiiccola e le scritte in bianco. ma che cazzo di poste anomale siete?! vabbè in definitiva l'ho preso quel bus ma è stato come giocare a rimpiattino.  .___.

good thing I'll have a free day on Friday so I can go to the radio, and [ profile] vampy18  will stay here for the week-end! le autoreggenti di Dokuga sono lo spoiler definitivo comunque. XD

*doesn't want to think about university*

oh... I'll post the requests soon, sorry, I'm quite busy lately =_=

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-- I got an hair cut this morning (after moooonths XD), I printed an image of Katsura and simply said -like this.- ...not that is really different from my usual cut.. but I finally understand why they call him Zura... my hair looks like a wig XDD
I miss my orange/blonde tufts so so sooooo much (procione d'oro, torna da me T__T)

-- lol, I should go at the radio more often, not only I got 2 (maybe 3) free subscription for all the days of Lucca Comics&Games (as journalist, like the last year..roftl) but even a book and a umbrella (that saved me from 2 hours under the rain) ..good, good, really good! XD
30€ quest'anno l'abbonamento 3 giorni...mannaggia a chi so io

-- other "news": My pets aren't normal. :|
Cliffy is a adventure-mode again... apparently he feel the urge of going on the balcony in the middle of the night (in winter, while raining) ...and unfortunately, he's the only thing able to wake me up during the night...I usually don't hear ANYTHING while sleeping but after years my brain is able to recognize the sounds he make =____='' (lol, that doesn't happen with the cat even if she's sleeping right on my head XD)
and he jumps everywhere like when he was young... the cat isn't any better, she doesn't like fish but she loves sesame biscuits for rabbits...she took the multipack (from a locker!) and bring it on my mum's bed..I found crumbs all over the house. why a cat should like sesame?! and she run run run run constantly. (she slept in he bidet last night..WTF) O__o'
....they are fucking hyperactive. good thing they play together most of the times. .____.'

-- OMG please tell me that it's an horrible fake and they don't want to release this shit with the name of DragonBall... it looks more like Indiana Jones + 007...and were greener the last time I seen you XDD

I'm going to Milan and Friday I'll go to the italian most important comic convention: Lucca Comics & Games XD
be warned, I'll post a lot of photos coming back!  but basically I'll be off until Tuesday or more. Have a nice Halloween everyone! ^^

per gli italiani: gentaglia, io nei 3 giorni di lucca non ho altro da fare se non non ci si riesce a mettere d'accordo qui per beccarci lascio il mio numero di cellulare (BuVle ..ohohoho....vabbè) così nel caso un modo per comunicare c'è 
  non serve più XD

uuhm...I have a bag to do...bye bye!
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- Happy early birthday [profile] mukimpokun    !! <333
I hope you will have the best day ever dear! and that my letter will arrive soon *__*   

- I found another cosplay I wanna do: HIM!!  *____*

- Help mama... she need some money!  T___T

We are going to Pod's house in montain without any computer..... byeeee XD

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Thank you so much to everyone commented on my last entry! ♥   ^^
now is really time to happier entries XD

-- [profile] mukimpokun I got your letter yesterday! Thank you dear!! I've read it while walking home and I burst out laughing reading that the pics I sent you were for my draw so cute!! XD
I'll watch the higamyu as soon as possible <333

--zob I have a lot of things to draw but I'm really not in the mood....I didn't completed anything since june T___T  ispiratiooon! come baaaack! I miiiiiss you! XD

-- talking about fandom... I've seen the Den-O/Kiva movie some days ago and omg, I missed den-o so badly XD
not really spoilers but do not read this if you didn't see it yet
I never liked tokusatsu but the Den-o is too awesome to not love it XD and the pink random rabbit enemie at the beginning rules. and I will never stop to laugh every time the Yuto armor moo. Ryuuta and his dancers act even crazyer that usual in the movie @_@
Yuto possesed by Urataros was the most disturbing thing ever ... but Yuto is spastic enough to lose even with a smart imagin XD
(Men's URA vol.3 WINS XDDD)

-- lol, I had a marvelous dream tonight *___*     (well...maybe marvelous isn't the right adjective)
first I was at my house and my mum was engaged with a member of the Mafia and this guy had Ban and Ginji from Getbacker as bodyguards and then I don't remember what happened but there was Jusdero and Debit (from D.gray-man) fighting with Cliffy that was sitting in his hutch on this dvd (that was really important to me but I don't know why) using something like fuchsia lasers (onde psioniche! ecco cos'erano!....fuscia.) and at this point Cliffy surrendered and they destoyed the dvd T___T
and then I spent a lot of time talking to Ginji but I can't remember what we said XD
the second part of the dream is even more confused... I just remember that I was with [profile] _izu_ in a hotel, for a school trip I think, and we did a mess with rooms and got 2 package from a  japanese girl, mine with some manga stuffs and her one something about Izzy, a umbrella she forgot there (in japan ?! XD) and a receipt of a japanese McDonald.......... I loled hard U__U

I doujinshi ti fanno capire molte cose. per esempio di quanto si possa essere poco romantici cantando l'ape maia quando questi, nel pieno dell'angst, parlano di metaforiche ali.
kiu: Icon made by me (Rui) arachnophobia is getting worse and worse, now every time I see a spider, live or dead, I have an attack....and I mean those little house spider with long legs.... I don't want to image what would happen if I see a real big spider. I'm even dreaming spiders quite often. =_=
Some days ago I had one of the worst attack in the last ten years without any reason....the feeling of having milion spiders on didn't stopper for an hour and half....that was HORRIBLE, I almost couldn't move....
I'll never try one of those "weeh, touch this adorable ENORMOUS SHAGGY spider and you will be never scared again :DDDD" cure but I'm seriously worring....this phobia is becoming a nightmare... why can't I be scared of...platypus?! I'll never met a platypus in my life! eh no... and where is the fun? I must be scared of a animal that is everywhere and that I often can't even see.... ¬¬
adesso voglio averla la fobia degli ornitorinchi però.. la pretendo.. mi sembra il minimo .___.

I'll do some draw and a Hamelin related post soon U_U''  (I read that manga too much lately)
sì elencherò anche le varie minchiate dette a milano podda, te lo giuro XD

for now.... MEME!  boredom is unbeatable XD

and stolen from [profile] fila_desu
Fill out the following form in a comment to this entry so I can learn more about you!   è_é

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zum zum zum
I'm happy because there are some good news for my dad (even if he don't know it yet XD) ^^

basic rule of this livejournal: when you don't have anything to a draw.

Free Image Hosting at

Aehm..... See?! I can draw blonde and cute (?) women! XD
anyway, she's Rosette from Chrono Crusade, a saaaad anime I really liked (I still have to read the end of the manga, 7€ every volume for 8 volumes is too much :/)
lol, I didn't planned to make this, It was like -oh.. I have a finished draw in my but.... WHY?!- XD

chuuuu at the capslock's brother: ESC! the tablet comb as Fonzie that can close everything with a punch!! *Sieg claps happily* XD

e ho preso una decisione importante. io coi miei genitori per telefono non ci parlo più. perchè non è possibile in una famiglia essere tutti completamente squilibrati XD
mia mamma -pronto? ciao..sto andando a Novara dalla Granarolo, che c'ha il latte a lunga conversazione e faccio due chiacchere con la Lola- *butta giù* tuuu tuuuu tuuuu (e la domanda chi gliel'ha chiesto?)
mio padre -Violacea... ciao.... lo sai che ho una rotula sexyissima? (almeno lui non ha buttato giù)
tra l'altro ormai non è -emy togliti che devo rifarle il letto- bensì -Emy, togliti che devo rifarTI il letto- ....scusate se non dormo nella cuccia eh....

my cat is being crazier than usual....Gooood night ._______________./

EDIT: omg, that cat is maaaaad, she wanna play but she's angry, and I swear her eyes are really terrifying.... I'm running laughing and blooding in the middle of the night chased by a cat XDDD


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