May. 13th, 2009 10:37 pm
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Hello there!
I'm studying for exams. more exactly, I'm trying to understand how to study since I never did it. I'm pretty sure I won't pass these exams and I don't even know if I should be happy or sad about this, I'm planning of change my course but I still don't know.....I'll se after the exams I guess. and I at least should procrastinate less ¬¬
But I got a grammar book yesterday, lol, my english teacher was tired of it and he did sort of a lottery, we had to guess the number he wrote. I won! this means I'll save 25€ XD
e l'altro ieri un poveraccio è finito sotto il treno ad Asti ma questo è meno allegro da dire

The ghost in my house has talked! yes, I'm serious. We've known for a long time that there was the ghost of a child in this house, many people told us that, but it's not a bad presence and we are not scared (but I'd reeeaaaaallly prefer to not see him ever). anyway, yesterday I had to turn off the light sooner than I planned to 'cause I felt there was "something" and there was strange sounds...that's happened quite often so I wasn't surprised but then my mum wake up and asked -Viola....were you calling me a minute ago?-.... she said she heard a strange voice calling her -Mama! Mama!- for 2 times, then she spoke to me and after a while the voice continued -Mama! BAU!-. he never spoke before ...bah, my mum is happy for the experience, I really hope it won't speak to me T__T'''

other than this...I'm working on cosplay and trying to organize my the end of July I would be freeeeee! until the 2 weeks of August XD

anyway, how are you guys doing? it has been almost a month since my last post and blah blah...but I'm sorry for all the entries I missed T_T

Obligatory fandom note: Nintendo, I don't think I'll never stop to love you <333
--- let me spazz a little over the Pokemon Gold/Silver remake....OMG YES! I WAS WAITING FOR THIS SINCE I BOUGHT THE NDS! too bad they probably won't do a Crystal remake but still..... best pokemon games EVER! I seriously can't wait to play it *__________*
--- if that wasn't enough already... see who will be come back in AA Investigations: ONE & TWO (has Maggey hair ever been than dark?)
I'm still hoping for other cameos (maybe with less important characters) but I know I'm just being too optimistic...and I'm happy anyway! I was really suspicious at first but I'm starting to believe I'll will really enjoy this game can't be worst than Apollo Justice IMO.
--- About Hyotei OAVs....I'm the only one who find it SO amusing? look at their eyes!! XDD the -to draw a character looking younger just make his eyes bigger- theory never stop amusing me XD
I'm not a Hyotei fan but...I have to admit I'm really curious about it U_U

Icon Meme, just to be original )

also, msn doesn't to work this evening and this song is pretty awesome ♥  
il mio pc ha appena tentato di suicidarsi... il cursore si è improvvisamente spostato su -spegni computer- ...seee, ti piacerebbe XD

Good luck with exams and everything everyone!
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I need to post more and new icons XD
I can't wait to see the next (and last) episode of Hanakimi T__T (even if the whole cast in drag maybe is the wrost thing in the world XDD)         

lol, today at the radio we are talking about a show in my city:
Elena - eeeh... I don't know how to say "Bacco" in english!!-
Me - Bacchus!!
Elena - Are you sure?
Me - ...I'm sure enough, don't worry! XD

my dear f-list I have a serious question about PoT °___°

P.S. to myself.. i MUST bring a banana to Oro. ok.
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Ebbene sì, pur di invogliarmi a fare un luuuuuunghissimo lavoro di grafica ho trovato un modo subdolo ma che ha ottenuto risultati.. e qui scatta il nuovo grande gioco dell'estate...

gran zoccola la mamma del .jpeg


May. 2nd, 2007 12:56 am
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i've finish that fucking draaaaaaaw!!! (without the background because I suck with photoshop...but I'll put it later XDDD)

too too too many hours....I'm exhausted....
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while I colored atobe the song said -I'm a diva- snapping the finger .....I'm scared.... ¬¬''

[EDIT: Tenimyu note: Ruirui grown a lot..... :°]
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today I had hours free..... XD
I've made 3 draws in 2 hours!!! yeah, I know, it's not so much but for me is like a miracle XD

in really I wanted try to draw the profile ^^'


Mar. 15th, 2007 02:02 pm
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After two hours of hard work... my house is clean ^^

With that team of aliens....but Why?? Why Kirihara had to change in that way??what means?? I can't think this is tennis XDDDD
And.... After the Hyotei D2 konomi trying to destoy the Platinum pair? uuuuuhm..... -.-*

tomorrow I hope to post PoT fan art :/

(sono sorpresa! la mediaset ha lasciato intatta la scena con Killua che strappa e distrugge il cuore del tipo nell'esame! O_o)
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With Vampy we have devised the new  yaoi love game NC17 would be woooonderfuuul!! XDDD
which name is American PoT ... a American Pie parody with a prince of tennis characters...and in the end, through many crossroads, you can have a "Happy end" with you favourite couple (in "american pie style").....too stupid!XD
but the best thing....  this game would be planned for Wii.... with Wii joystick.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA! ok, stop XD

I love nintendo as usual... and...

Because i'm a goooood Buchou!! I remember them all!! REALLY!! *____*
I      -  Xenmas (figo)
II     -  Xigbar
III    -  Xaldin
IV    -  Vexen
V     -  Lexaeus
VI    -  Zexion
VII   -  Saix
VIII  -  Axel
IX    -  Demyx
X     -  Luxord
XI    -  Marluxia (succhia)
XII   -  Larxene
XIII  -  Roxas     (it was been cruel not remember it while i was at the phone with Axel XDD)

and today, I randomly have opened my english book.......the first thing I have read:  NOBODY    .... uhm XD
(e sul pullman, dei truzzetti:  Ma tanto lo sappiamo che ti attacchi le basette!! sono finte!!    O__O)

Heineken Jamming Festival.... could be a GOOD idea! ¬¬


Feb. 26th, 2007 10:49 pm
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Tenipuri Survey rivisto e aggiornato ^^

thanks to [profile] vampy18 per la traduzione postata su Tenipuri_Italia XD

successivamente arriverà anche quello sulle coppie lo giuro.... al momento ho faticato abbastanza per questo XDD

e il supporter DVD di fudomine e st rudy è incredibilmente leeeeento.... ==S
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AAAARGH..... 4 Dream live make me crazy! @_@

ok, calm down...because I'm bored I post few sketch....and.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENKEN! XD

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(un mio compagno di classe) : uuuhm...°_°
Kiu: no! giuro..non sono gay, sono sono amici!
Pavia: amici per ora.... ma poi?
Kiu: no no! non li sto intendendo come coppia! amici!
Pavia: ...........................
Pavia: amici tra loro.... ma singolarmente?
Kiu: .....bravissimo!! XD
Pavia: ma quanto sto diventando bravo!

....sta gente mi conosce troppo bene ¬¬


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