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ehm..the convention ended this monday and I comed back home yesterday but .....eeeeeh.... XD  non si può rifiutare quando il ghe si offre di prestarti le mutande :°

unfortunately I didn't meet a lot of people and I hadn't time to see the convention properly but after all I had a lot of fun (even if the feeling of "uselessness" didn't leave me yet XD)

un po' delle minchiate dette in sti giorni stanno pacifiche cut U_U  se vi ricordate qualcos'altro ditemelo che edito XD

31/10 - Gintama )

01/11 - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle )

02/11 - Pokemon )

a little spoiler:


and 2 videos:
Katsura and Elizabeth    &    Ashura and Tomoyo TADAAAAN!

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I have nothing to post about and I feel so nerd and in love with my fandom today ... not good not good XD
me and [profile] _izu_  spent an entire night watching random stuff like Gekiranger, Den-O and PuripuriD (go to school? naaah) and I slept all the day long .___.'
*watching D.gray-man* -can we found an ep with someone interesting?!- -the answer is... noooaaa!- -__-''

I found the money and ordered Takeru's photobook on yesasia I just have to save up to buy Channaka's one., I have time till march... ¬¬
(btw thank you so much [personal profile] nanpa    for your hard work scanning that photobook! T__T)
uuhm... other useless news....I've finally undestand which character Hideo (Kai) plays in PuripuriD... wtf in puripuri there is an enemy?! and his chara hates Takeru and Channaka's characters.... that's reminds me something :| I don't remember that drama was so ghei....some Kenken/Takeru fanservice killed me.. *BLEURGH*

mumble mumble ... I don't know why but I loved so much Araki's entries with the two of them playing like idiots in the snow XDD

some screencaps of latest eps of gekiranger and Den-O under the cut... and sorry for the heavy post!

long post

Jan. 6th, 2008 08:55 pm
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I'm back at the cold, foggy and snowy north italy! yay! XD (therefore, I'm back on lj too... kukukukuku)
I've spend some nice time with my boyfriend (some playing DS and gamecube) and with friends playing guitar hero ... I'll probably post the gay-kiss videos they made later XD
and now I'm with 4kg-of-cat on my legs and a new fantastic tablet named Sieg (like the white imagin of kamen rider Den-O XD) that feels in love with [profile] saru_wa's tablet Capslock.......... probably in the 2016 I will able to use it properly .___.

[profile] kawachu ! I got your card today! is so cuuuute!!! XD
thank you so much! :***
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-3 days before christmas = busy :|
but school is ended yesterday! yay! and my classmates gift is...THIS!   I'm a beauuutifuuul duuuck... zum zum zum ...say HIIII to my new ducky friend -still without a name- *__*
Christmas cards: DONE... hope you'll receive it soon! ^^
Christmas draws: ehehehe... no.
TenipuriArt: 70%......... well...65%

now..random stupid & useless comic, because I have nothing to post about and I made this... like.... 3 months ago? XD

Free Image Hosting at />

please don't be offended! U_U
(ispired by the Italian comic "Ratman" Leo Ortolani© ... in english is not the same T_T) <--- e spero che tutti gli italiani della mia f-list lo conoscano.. sennò... correte in edicola e lollatevi è__é

pic spam: She's watching you.. MUAHAHAHAHA


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