Apr. 9th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Hi, I'm Deghinsea

Do not defriend me please XD

Eeeh...Hello, how are you doing?
I'm still freaking busy with work, saturday class and general life, that kind of sucks, but anyway, not much new happened in the last month and for everything....
there is a photo summary under the cut!  )

yes, I really feel like spamming you with photos. ♥
So eh, that's all pretty much, went for a ride on bike this morning mostly to avoid lunch and I'm exhausted now ...sigh, I'm so out of shape even my grandma could have lasted longer

Also archiving two FE fanarts:
FE100 - #27 Heavy
Andddd...random sketch inspired by a discussion on Tumblr, I could not resist ;_;


Jan. 11th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Hello! How are you doing?
I'm back home with an acute headache and with a cat that seem determinined to spent all the day on my legs. aaah, home sweet home XD
The new year'eve went smooth and nice, nothing much happened but that's not necessary a bad thing, And since I wasn't able to buy a gift to everyone I bought 20 sky lanterns, I'mhappy it has been appreciated ^^

Sky lanterns and Altinamas photos under the cut  )

Sigh, I have tons of things to do on the internet but not much in real life , I can't even move from home to see my friends until my mum is back home, she's in Africa at the moment...Eritrea if I remember corrently, and won't be back for at least a week :/
I'm very frustrated lately, I have problems sleeping at night and as a result I sleep all day long and don't manage to do anything. plus, the art-block is killing me, I have so many things to finish but my hands aren't cooperating =_='
Tomorrow I'll force myself to clean the house and to go out for as many hours as I can XD

Out of boredom I've posted some old WIPs at [livejournal.com profile] doodle_emblem if anyone is interested ---> here

uhm...that's all? nothing interesting to say as usual, sorry guys. I'll try to catch up with the f-list a little now ^^'

P.s. would anyone be interested in a music meme/fanmixes/music spam? be warned I almost only listen to rock and metal, mostly alternative and post-grunge ...I don't how if there is anyone in my f-list who likes the genres
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Heeello! How are you doing dears? :D
I have like...294829482 things to do at the moment and instead I'm posting on lj, cool...but I feel strangerly good and I have some news: from january I'll probably work in a commercial art studio for a stage of 1 month, if it goes well they'll probably assume, if not it's still an important expecience..... in any case, wish me luck! :3

aaaand! the wig [livejournal.com profile] solnote  bought me 2 months ago finally arrived! sorry for the crappy emo-style photos but I'm just glad the wig finally arrived, we were losing hopes XD
say "Hi" to the WC in the background!  :DDDD
Grazie gigio! :°

This is actually an old old old drawing...and I've finished it weeks ago but as usual, I forgot to post...and no, the background wasn't colored by a fire-years-old children though it looks like it.

Clink on the preview for the full picture and a sort of explanation XD

ps. FE! Anon meme = best thing since sliced bread, Y/Y?
and to whoever posted this, even if I don't know if he/she will ever read this...thank you! It made me so so so happy.... ;___;
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I never know where to start with this kind of entries but anyway... XD

Thank you so so much for all the birthday wishes and gift...I know I already thanked privately but everyone has to see the marvelous gifts I got!

under the cut: The awesome presents ....clickoclickoclicko XD )

so...yeah, again, thanks a lot everyone, I'm 22 now and as you can image from my nickname this is a special number to me...and I just had one of the best birthday ever, I love you all so so much <3

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Taking a day to check the friends page, reply to comment and updating.....the temperatures is killing mee but more than anything....how many damned mosquitos are around this year? O__O

on happy news... me, [livejournal.com profile] benkayte , [livejournal.com profile] carbyno  and [livejournal.com profile] shian_wind could start to call ourselver live-in partners since we spent almost 2 weeks together and I'll be at [livejournal.com profile] shian_wind  house with them in 3 days....the only problem is that we are the less productive people ever when together XDDD

BUT! some photos of fandom biscuits (FE, Gundam00 and others) and my cat under the cut XD )
most productive thing we had done in a week pretty much XD

ma a parte ciò...

lj-cut in italiano delle puttanate accadute di recente che temo potranno capire solo gli interessati quindi ignorate con fiducia )

there is such a nice evening planned for me..... a dinner with my mum and my dad to "talk about future" ...... can you feel how fearsome this sounds? *shudders*  .____. 
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I'm extremely late with this but.....I'm posting the cosplay photos me and my friends took at carnival and during a convention... mostly it's about gijinka version of Pokemons XD

all the costumes were designed by us btw :3

Carnival 2010 - random pokemons, random traines and....randoms )

Cartoomics 2010 - Lopunny family, Bleach and Originals )

oookay! the post is done, I'm leaving for a while, I'll be staying in Milan for....I dunno, some days, see you soon! ^^

News + meme

May. 1st, 2010 05:10 pm
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I'm in the new house! the move went well...I'll post some photos of the house as soon as everything is finished, for now have a photo of how nerdy my desk currently looks, you can't see it in the photo, but alongside of the desk there is even a flatTv with Wii, GameCube, PS2.....and a sofa bed right in front of it 8DD

the reason why I'm using 2 pcs is that I still have no internet on mine but I can sometimes use my mum's laptop to check mails and lj......I'm using my computer as an mp3 player basically...poor him....and sigh, I hate laptops XD

Have a meme!
Give me a fandom / character or pairing and I'll tell you one or more songs I associate with it.

I have to go out now, I'll try to catch up with friends pages later :3

EDIT: and my dad just bought me Super Smash Bros Brawl....dfjdhdfnddbnf YEEESSSSS *___*

pict spam

Feb. 26th, 2010 05:20 pm
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Aaaand...time for some cosplay photos XD

(click on the image to see it larger)
From the Festival del Fumetto con of some weeks ago )

---> Also, THIS is still open, I don't know when I'll be able since RL is getting busier than I thought but I'll be sure to draw them all ASAP :*

Age meme

Feb. 2nd, 2010 06:20 pm
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For the happiness of [livejournal.com profile] vampy18


Post in your journal one (or more) photo of you when you were a little child!

Little me - sorry, huge lj-cut )

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The time in which.....I spam your f-list with tons of cosplay photos!
yup yup, Lucca Comics & Games, the most important comic convention in Italy is finished ...and it was great. the cosplays went well, the weather was great and we had fun.......I still can't believe it. XD
la felicità è avere il tempo di rifare i letti alla lucca [cit.]

oh, and I bought a big plushie of Lugia and a 1/8 PVC figure of Tear from Tales of The Abyss... so awesome <333

and since I really don't know what to say.....go ahead with the photos! Huge lj-cut is huge, you has been warned. U_U

preview of the convention: 3 combined photos my camera did automatically.....I'm still amazed of how it managed to combine it so perfectly XD (I did every photo with some seconds of difference, and those people were moving A LOT)

Friday Photos -Phoenix Wright- )

Saturday photos -Tsubasa, The Slayers, Suikoden Tierkreis, Aria & cyberpunk- )

Sunday photos -Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Dogs, Claymore, Naruto & random- )
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I'm back from Berugamo! XD
I finally cosplayed as Lana from Phoenix Wright with my dear [profile] shiki_thief  as Ema .....I *LOVE* that cosplay with no end *____*
and we have been really lucky with the weather.....I still can't believe it, I didn't suffer hot with that jacket...in june! and it wasn't raining!
che tradotto vuol dire: abbiamo avuto così culo che a lucca grandinerà verde e quadrato per compensare

First time with a skirt since I was 9! XDD
the event itself wasn't good, we did nothing but walking around the city...and like the 95% of the other cosplayers were n00b :/
the only funny thing were the expressions of the people on the street... some of them did the military greet to me..lol, I'm the Chief Prosecutor! not a soldier! XD

cosplay photos under a huge cut :D )

strangerly enough exams are going well.... I still have 3 exams for this summer, the illustration work to finish and I'll be free (for like....15 days, better than nothing! XDD)

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I'm not feeling that good today T_T stupid stomach T_T 
....and not having anything good to do = spamming lj

izu ammore, mi manca il nostro coniglietto buttsex :° fortissimamente :°

yesterday night I was searching something in my bookcase with the glass door of it open and suddently the cat runned in my direction to play and... TONK! XDDDDDDD
she wasn't walking that straight after ...lol, I love glass bookcase XDDD   (don't worry, my cat is made in rubber, she was playing the minute after)

she even slept on my head all the night. no, I do not mean over, I mean ON. and she's almost 4kg. I waked up with the worst headache ever without even understand what the fuck happened XD 

and she is the only cat in the world that likes snow

Other photos )

the snow is already almost dissolved..and that's not that bad considering the bus I usually take turned upside down and almost falled down of a hill (and some roofs collapsed)  ¬¬
uhm..lasciamo perdere gli insulti alla regione piemonte che è meglio va..ogni volta che nevica sembra un evento incredibile e incontrastabile  -.-

PS. the Simpsons parody of this video is EPIC XDDD

EDIT:  "se solo una preghiera potrebbe farti tornare...se anche un piccolo dio ascolterebbe cio' che ho da dire [...] dalle acque piene di oblio ."     (ma piene oh...cioè...all'orlo, una cosa incredibile! XDDD)
oh Principe-principe...!!! Karinna, dobbiamo creare una fandom su quest'uomo!!!   X°°DDDDDDD

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Sorry for the lack of comments, I hope to will be able to catch up with everything soon but I actually really need a hiatus -___-'

I've spent 2 days with an Eritrean girl who is in Italy for a month, she talk just a very little bit of Italian and no english at all....*dramatic* O_o
She was kind of shocked of seeing cats and dogs in a home (not that much for the rabbit....even after I explained her that no, I'm not planning to eat him XD)
she said she never touched an animal before and she was scared...those days have been...strange ^^'

other news...uuuhm...I found an USB key on the ground just now that I need one and I got a pair of boots from a classmate of mine for free..almost new and cool. wow XD

tomorrow will be our last day of school, and this evening there will be the class dinner (and I'm so lucky cos my teacher is from my same city and he can ride me or I couldn't go .__.), I will see everyone again at exams but after that I don't know if I'll see some of them ever again..sigh, that's really sad.
class photo:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
lol, all those swinsuits are mine XD    I have a panties on my head, not ears .___.'''

2 weeks hiatus.. see you soon T__T


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