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I just realized.... I can't draw traditionally anymore. In real life....CTRL + Z doesn't work!! DDDDD:
that's more shocking than all the -santa claus doesn't exist- thing. ¬¬

I've spent an awesome week-end with [ profile] carbyno eating, nerding, fandomizing and walking around the city looking for the more useless things......the perfect week-end for a nerd and a housewife <3
and since we are busy people we spent too much time for an istant cosplay and for tons of videos on ElfYourself XDD
we even finally watched the 8th Pokemon movie....the Lucario one...not bad if not that the video stopped like 297295729 times for 205794849 different reasons...I kind of hate Lucario and Riley now I know the one in the movie is not Riley but STFU XD
oh... and I'm thinking about buying a PSP...dunno, my inner Nintendo lover is suffering a little :/

spamming with a song meme:
list 7 songs you are into right now and tag seven people to find out what they're listening to... (in no particular order...and consider yourself tagged)

1. Breaking Benjamin - Into the nothing
2. Dirty Pretty Things - Bloodthirsty bastards
3. Kamelot - Rule the world
4. The Killers - All these things that I've done
5. Egypt Central - Home
6. Death Cab for Cutie - My mirros speaks
7. Bling Guardian - Spread your wings

Mostly new groups, yay! (or better...groups I had know for years but never really listened). Breaking Benjamin seem to be in every list I do....I love their music just a little little bit XD
I'm downloading a lot of music lately but since there is never enough the pimp-me-a-song is always open and so welcome! ♥


Jul. 15th, 2007 07:29 pm
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Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter.

Letter U

1 - Unaffected - (Hoobastank)
2 - Unholy warcry - (Rhapsody)
3 - U-fig - (System of a down)
4 - Until the day i die - (Story of the year)
5 - Under Pressure - (Queen)
6 - Under my skin - (Aerosmith)
7 - Underneath The Sky - (Oasis)
8 - Undivided - (Bon Jovi)
9 - Under the bridge - (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
10 - Unwell - (Matchbox)

and a anime one - Unfair (Kirihara Akaya) XDD
it was quite difficult... but I WIN!! è__é

i'm sorry but i'm too busy now and I can't see livejournal well (also, my pc doesn't work well) ... so I'll reply soon, sorry T_T
- 12 to Japan!! (or Milan airport X°D)

porca zoccola ho dato una craniata


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