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I will not be around until january cause after christmas I'm going to [ profile] benkayte  house to see my lovely friends  & [ profile] ilrancore 

[ profile] kawachu , I got your card today, Thank you! <3
I was surprised to understand what is writen in the front *has a bad relationship with french* XD

me - lol, a friend of mum invited us to celebrate Christmas mass........-
my dad - ...I know you would never go there, but please don't even think about it!! image that poor priest that see all his candles melting and all the statues crying! don't go, do it for him!
me  - .........ehi, I know you are talking seriously. ¬¬


deliri mistici che lj mi ha gia' cancellato una volta e che comunque non era il caso di leggere XD )

EDIT: Happy birthday Yukimura! XDD


Jul. 1st, 2008 10:30 pm
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I'm baaaaack! *_*
matura exams are ended (last Saturday XD) and I got approximately 84/100 .... that was SOOOO unexpected *_____*
I will know the final result around July 10th.  (during the oral test I forgot to talk about subliminal message...nuuooo...I wanter to explain them Disney hidden penis T_T)

I'm being lazy with my DS (the R4 card is the awesomeness XD) and I didn't draw anything yet, well, I show you what I did for this exam XD
these are the cover of my thesis, the cover of my personal book and the poster I did in the second test for a contest for young directors,

I know you don't care but I like colorful post, ok?! XD

I didn't check my f-list yet, soooorry T__T

in una settimana il coniglio è riuscito a rompermi irrimediabilmente:
1- il caricabatterie giappo del DS (e il negozio della karinna mi salvò la vita... grazie!! T_T) .....e questo mi ha fatto MOLTO incazzare.
2- le takuffie che mi aveva regalato podda.... e questo mi ha fatto incazzare ANCORA DI PIU'.
ormai mi è passata ma diciamo che se non è volato fuori dal balcone è perchè è molto, moooooolto fortunato.... se normalmente i santi mi guardano con disprezzo dopo quello che gli ho detto alla scoperta dei disastri piuttosto che avvicinarmi salterebbero in braccio a satana ...e gli è andata ancora bene anche a loro va là    -_____-
in questa casa siamo maestri nell'arte di distruggere le canzoni di De Andrè involontariamente (e si badi bene, involontariamente!)
e dopo "sparati Piero sparati ora e dopo un colpo sparati ancora (?)" sono qui a proporvi in anteprima mondiale
"la chiamavano Bocca di rosa faceva l'amore faceva l'amore
la chiamavano Bocca di rosa faceva l'amore con ogni cosa"
.............. eccheccos'è XD
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Sorry for the lack of comments, I hope to will be able to catch up with everything soon but I actually really need a hiatus -___-'

I've spent 2 days with an Eritrean girl who is in Italy for a month, she talk just a very little bit of Italian and no english at all....*dramatic* O_o
She was kind of shocked of seeing cats and dogs in a home (not that much for the rabbit....even after I explained her that no, I'm not planning to eat him XD)
she said she never touched an animal before and she was scared...those days have been...strange ^^'

other news...uuuhm...I found an USB key on the ground just now that I need one and I got a pair of boots from a classmate of mine for free..almost new and cool. wow XD

tomorrow will be our last day of school, and this evening there will be the class dinner (and I'm so lucky cos my teacher is from my same city and he can ride me or I couldn't go .__.), I will see everyone again at exams but after that I don't know if I'll see some of them ever again..sigh, that's really sad.
class photo:

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lol, all those swinsuits are mine XD    I have a panties on my head, not ears .___.'''

2 weeks hiatus.. see you soon T__T
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I'm actually in Msn hiatus, thinking about going on hiatus on Lj and DA as well until the end of my exam cos I'm SO behind with my work....uuuuh..... don't know :/

the most interesting thing I have to say is that tomorrow I'll go on air at the radio ._.
then....have an old draw colored XD

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(Ryuuta from Kamen Rider Den-O)


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