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     Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! ♥     

Sorry, no Tales of this year, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors has eaten my brain...and this character is even called Santa, I couldn't resist XD  (there is a better explanation of the picture in the DA description if you are interested, just click on it)

ps. [ profile] measuringlife your gift will come soon, I'm sorry I wasn't able to draw everything in time but I haven't forgot!
ps2. [ profile] mystofthestars I got your card yesterday! thank you so much <3
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- Happy early birthday [profile] mukimpokun    !! <333
I hope you will have the best day ever dear! and that my letter will arrive soon *__*   

- I found another cosplay I wanna do: HIM!!  *____*

- Help mama... she need some money!  T___T

We are going to Pod's house in montain without any computer..... byeeee XD


Jul. 1st, 2008 10:30 pm
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I'm baaaaack! *_*
matura exams are ended (last Saturday XD) and I got approximately 84/100 .... that was SOOOO unexpected *_____*
I will know the final result around July 10th.  (during the oral test I forgot to talk about subliminal message...nuuooo...I wanter to explain them Disney hidden penis T_T)

I'm being lazy with my DS (the R4 card is the awesomeness XD) and I didn't draw anything yet, well, I show you what I did for this exam XD
these are the cover of my thesis, the cover of my personal book and the poster I did in the second test for a contest for young directors,

I know you don't care but I like colorful post, ok?! XD

I didn't check my f-list yet, soooorry T__T

in una settimana il coniglio è riuscito a rompermi irrimediabilmente:
1- il caricabatterie giappo del DS (e il negozio della karinna mi salvò la vita... grazie!! T_T) .....e questo mi ha fatto MOLTO incazzare.
2- le takuffie che mi aveva regalato podda.... e questo mi ha fatto incazzare ANCORA DI PIU'.
ormai mi è passata ma diciamo che se non è volato fuori dal balcone è perchè è molto, moooooolto fortunato.... se normalmente i santi mi guardano con disprezzo dopo quello che gli ho detto alla scoperta dei disastri piuttosto che avvicinarmi salterebbero in braccio a satana ...e gli è andata ancora bene anche a loro va là    -_____-
in questa casa siamo maestri nell'arte di distruggere le canzoni di De Andrè involontariamente (e si badi bene, involontariamente!)
e dopo "sparati Piero sparati ora e dopo un colpo sparati ancora (?)" sono qui a proporvi in anteprima mondiale
"la chiamavano Bocca di rosa faceva l'amore faceva l'amore
la chiamavano Bocca di rosa faceva l'amore con ogni cosa"
.............. eccheccos'è XD
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zum zum zum
I'm happy because there are some good news for my dad (even if he don't know it yet XD) ^^

basic rule of this livejournal: when you don't have anything to a draw.

Free Image Hosting at

Aehm..... See?! I can draw blonde and cute (?) women! XD
anyway, she's Rosette from Chrono Crusade, a saaaad anime I really liked (I still have to read the end of the manga, 7€ every volume for 8 volumes is too much :/)
lol, I didn't planned to make this, It was like -oh.. I have a finished draw in my but.... WHY?!- XD

chuuuu at the capslock's brother: ESC! the tablet comb as Fonzie that can close everything with a punch!! *Sieg claps happily* XD

e ho preso una decisione importante. io coi miei genitori per telefono non ci parlo più. perchè non è possibile in una famiglia essere tutti completamente squilibrati XD
mia mamma -pronto? ciao..sto andando a Novara dalla Granarolo, che c'ha il latte a lunga conversazione e faccio due chiacchere con la Lola- *butta giù* tuuu tuuuu tuuuu (e la domanda chi gliel'ha chiesto?)
mio padre -Violacea... ciao.... lo sai che ho una rotula sexyissima? (almeno lui non ha buttato giù)
tra l'altro ormai non è -emy togliti che devo rifarle il letto- bensì -Emy, togliti che devo rifarTI il letto- ....scusate se non dormo nella cuccia eh....

my cat is being crazier than usual....Gooood night ._______________./

EDIT: omg, that cat is maaaaad, she wanna play but she's angry, and I swear her eyes are really terrifying.... I'm running laughing and blooding in the middle of the night chased by a cat XDDD
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I'm actually in Msn hiatus, thinking about going on hiatus on Lj and DA as well until the end of my exam cos I'm SO behind with my work....uuuuh..... don't know :/

the most interesting thing I have to say is that tomorrow I'll go on air at the radio ._.
then....have an old draw colored XD

Free Image Hosting at
(Ryuuta from Kamen Rider Den-O)

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yay, 3 free days, maybe I will finally be able to draw something no, I don't have to start my endless thesis that must be finished in less than one month and I absolutely don't have to do 2 graphic works, why are you thinking so? ....... holy shit XDD
more important is that I'm here to show you what a bad case of insomnia can create: tadaaaan

Ulquiorra = T_T + hole
Groviera cheese = hole
Groviera cheese + T_T = Ulquiorra !!!

and this is what I made trying something different from usual, I don't like it but I think I'll never like one of draw and that's ok XD
I wanted to use a demon for it... and what better than Hamel in demon version? I KNOW he doesn't looks like Hamel at all and that his dress is white and his hair more blonde....oooh...stfu XDD

Five starts to who know from which manga he is from
I have so many things to talk about but I also have Pokemon Mystery dungeon to play on DS, therefore, bye bye XD

Ps. ho spaventato un anonimo bestemmiatore da mercato
Ps2. le bimbeminkia italiane sono in grado di discutere su "ki è + fiko" nella Brigata, nel dubbio, voto Kortopi
EDIT: I'm not dead and I didn't blocked anyone but I'm not using MSN in these days ^^'
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Hola T__T
I'm on the old pc cause today my dear pc decided to not works anymore....and, of course, the telephone number of the computer technician is disapperead, oook, my mum must mum is in africa and I can't call her until wednesday T_T
omg this pc is so slow and noisy but at least I have it to check emails and use internet.....even if I guess is better if I don't switch off anything....of I'll never see this pc on again XD
I had fever AGAIN in the past days.... bah, the doctor said it's normal but I'm really tired to be at home with fever -__-''
the trip in Greek went well but I don't have any photos yet, I'll make a post later :|

uh! I finished it! THE DEN-O / HOST CLUB CROSSOVER! (ispired by the bunch of video on niconico of course)... I know the momo/nekozawa things is weird but Sieg fits Tamaki too well and I didn't find other ways to put momo in the picture XD
(I'm not skilled enough to modify the original pic with photoshop, that's why I chosen the longest way)

Free Image Hosting at

if you won't see me online in the next days it's only pc fault °___°/

PS. fenomeni da segnalare come sempre i traduttori italiani che hanno ben pensato di abbreviare il nome di un innocente personaggio di un videogame (che già si chiamava Allegretto...voglio dire, aveva le sue sfighe...) non con Alle, non con Al, no, neppure con Gretto bensì, e qui pretendo l'ammirazione generale, con RETTO. un applauso e giù il sipario. XD
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I still have fever ... I lost like 2 weeks of school ..grrr... i'm tired of it, and my throat hurts but I still have voice (thanks to my punk/nerd sharf XD)
I need to do some exams but I've never do a blood withdrawal before and I'm really afraid of injections...sigh. do. not. want....but I'll do -__-''
Hope you feel better than me guys! XD

my internet connection went down twice while I was download Idon'trememberwhat last day ...uuuuhrm...
-Mum! I cleaned my room despite the fever! uhuhuhuhuh 8D
- ooooh! thanks! great you cleaned up behind the bookcase? *check it*
-yeah... I did....bu*CRACK* ...... mum? what was that "crack"?
-ops......what is it?
-..........................that was....... YOUR telephone... and MY modem.... the phone filter mum.
now I've tried to fix it and the filter is connected to the socket only by 2 cables... I don't know how but it works (you can bet how much time it will hold on) -__-''
at least my room is really cleaned XD

and I'm reading Ouran Host club again.. and that's what is born from me and [profile] saru_wa's chat... I need more crack, kill me help me! XD   (I luuuuv Hitachiin bros though :°°)  
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la cosi-gommosi mania sta invandendo la mia classe... ne sono orgogliosa ♥
ehi... c'ho pensato solo ora che l'altra mattina davanti a scuola c'era una bambola gonfiabile seduta in una macchina... ma perchè XD
e.. gente... la Fanta free, o lite o senza zucchero, chiamatela come vi pare..... fa cagarissimoooooooo!  

DIO (quello ke bestemmi di solito è_é) scrive (21.51):
scusa <--- dio mi chiede scusa su msn *_*
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This cat is almost more hallucinated than mine! ALMOST cause this poor cat is scared to death... mine is always like this XD
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
I was watching the photos made with my mobile phone........damn, I need to buy a camera .____.
I'll probably spam you soon with a lot of photos of my pets... be warned XD

and now sketches! Because Sieg deserves more and more love! U_U (I want to buy some Den-O merchandise but I don't have money as usual *cries* T__T)

Free Image Hosting at
(ArtRage is a nice software to color but when you save in .jpeg or .png he destoy the pic.... I made a screencap -__-''')

avevo dimenticato di dire che ho preso 8 a un interrogazione cantando "La canzone del maggio" di De Andrè.... il fatto che l'interrogazione fosse su Pascoli e D'annunzio e che su questi sapessi poco più della mia scarsa cultura personale è un dettaglio IRRILEVANTE .____.'''
per altro ho scoperto solo recentemente che di quella canzone ci sono 2 versioni, una che era stata pubblicata su cd e l'altra su cassetta.... perchè non sapeva decidere quale preferiva...finalmente capisco perchè alcuni la cantano diversa, lol ^^'''

EDIT: ho appena trovato un vecchio post-it con scritto sopra "dar da mangiare alla nutria"   .  .  .  ..............................................................

EDIT2: mia nonna "wa che la settimana prossima tuo fratello COMPISCE gli anni"  woah, questa è da aggiungere all'inguria e alla sporchizia! ♥  XD
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last week I had my dog at home (--> this dog with glasses <---)... with my brother.. because let us alone with her is not a good idea BUT... my dog is scared by the rabbit (yes, you read it well and no, she is not scared of any other rabbit)
my mum is scared of the dog (I'm not, I'm always faster 8D)... and the dog (and my brother's fiancee) are scared of that rabbit... and the -stupid- cat plays with the dog (something like.... 50 kg heavier?)........why my house always looks like a circus?! ¬¬'''

old draw of Yuto that I'm going to color.... made when my eye hurts apparently XD
Free Image Hosting at

aaannnddd.... Meme I would want to do some time ago ^^

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here. I don’t yet know what that gift will be, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.
e la Karinna e Izu non contano...visto che... eh! voi avete capito! chu! è_é
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-3 days before christmas = busy :|
but school is ended yesterday! yay! and my classmates gift is...THIS!   I'm a beauuutifuuul duuuck... zum zum zum ...say HIIII to my new ducky friend -still without a name- *__*
Christmas cards: DONE... hope you'll receive it soon! ^^
Christmas draws: ehehehe... no.
TenipuriArt: 70%......... well...65%

now..random stupid & useless comic, because I have nothing to post about and I made this... like.... 3 months ago? XD

Free Image Hosting at />

please don't be offended! U_U
(ispired by the Italian comic "Ratman" Leo Ortolani© ... in english is not the same T_T) <--- e spero che tutti gli italiani della mia f-list lo conoscano.. sennò... correte in edicola e lollatevi è__é

pic spam: She's watching you.. MUAHAHAHAHA
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sorry f-list, in these days I'm not commenting on your lj properly but I'm busy to finish a cosplay! lj and/or cosplay will kill me soon, I know.. =___=

!!! about the previous post, for those who would like a draw please please give me an idea, or at least the characters you like, if you want something particular or whatever ^^

First Request: to [ profile] vampy18  
SPOILER (maybe?) how to ruin a scene between Yuto and Airi XD
[Unknown site tag]

...recent facts:
my hair are actually black and orange (and a little bit blonde) .___.'''
 - Mello x Bunta is my new OTP.
 - me and Izu have nothing to do at school but trying to see Mello with horrible face in every persons who walks in front of us
 - Death note and PoT worlds are different or all Tenipuri characters would have died sometime ago.
 - finally I starting to see Kamen Rider Den-O
 - cosplay Lucca Comics ruins our life.
 - ...but my boyfriends will give me two DS game that he doesn't use anymore(YESSS!!)
 - I can't teach how to use a simple program to someone who doesn't understand NOTHING of computers.
 - this post is so much long but I'm forgetting something
 - dopo che l'ho sognato il mio nuovo sogno della vita è far dire "Ciao Amici!" al vero Aiba. dovremmo smetterla di inventarci motti insensati
 - !!ma soprattutto..dire "Takeru e i cosi gommosi" ha realmente proprietà terapeutiche quali infondere gioia immotivata a questo mi angoscia °___°  .... kaaarmico!

- 0

Jul. 27th, 2007 10:28 am
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This evening I leave to Japan for almost a whole month .... I'll come back on the end of August °_°
uuhm.... I'm not ready XD (too much hot outside, it getting me crazy @_@)
BUT! I love my hair cut and we bought ticket for:

Peace Maker (04/08) piroshi woooman XD
Tenimyu (08/08) do i have to say anything else? yanagi VS inui.... noooooooooooooo...
Sukedachi (11/08) wow *O*
Comiket (17/18/19) cosplay time! me as Rui ad Niou, vampy as Hiruma and Kirihara XD

if anyone knows any event involving tenimyu guys this summer pleeeease tell us!! T__T
I hope to update this journal sometimes during this month but i really don't know if i'll can, in any case, happy holidays to everyone!! ^^
if anyone want/have to contact me please send a mail at I'll reply as soon as i can ^^

ok guys, I leave with a comic from my and [profile] vampy18 previous trip in japan, when we meet Manpei (or Shinpei? we're not sure yet but 90% he was Manpei)... at Shibuya station with a friend. XDD

Free Image Hosting at granma believes that I go to China and my brother asked me if I bring a japanese to him..... he just missed the word "lighter". SIGH. .___________.
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ieri ho assistito a una scena meravigliosa..
c'era il classico vecchietto, quello minuto, un po' curvo, appoggiato al suo fedele bastone e con indosso l'onnipresente maglione blu stinto (a luglio)
rimaneva fisso davanti una porta, probabilmente cercando una via d'entrata e un ragazzo che passava vicino -ehm...scusi, credo sia chiuso-
e lui, con la sua parlata flebile, roca, un pò strana, il marcato accento alessandrino -sì......lo è..-
mi giro, faccio un passo avanti
e la sento di nuovo la voce, debole, strisciata .... ma intrisa d'odio: -MA PORCA TROIA!!!-

cioè, come i vecchietti italiani nessuno XDDD

ook, I have finished the gekirangers draw! I definitely need to stop watching that dorama..but in august there will be the movie..and I will be in Tokyo..I must know what happened in the story, right? no? ok, no...    U__U''''
hovewer..... from the family idea of [profile] grumpychild  (they doesn't looks like a family at all,sorry, I hope you like it  XD)

Free Image Hosting at
I have to finish to see araki's dvd yet T_T
(but please.. please... don't use ketchup in the pasta.......BLEURGH.....i feel hurt..)

EDIT: ah! I forgot! my new pc official name is... RIO-SAMA! *clap clap clap*   (even if he doesn't work already)
thank you all!! XD


Jun. 9th, 2007 08:51 pm
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I'm not dead.. I just got a fever -.-
usually I'm well even I've fever... but this time I really hurt so much =_=

it was the last day of school!! ^^ (now I really must start to study, lol XD)
sure, I have a year yet.. but the best teachers are gone..sigh.... the art theacher was crying ..and that guy, (wtf is he?!he's not in out section!XD)... he loves us so much, i don't want to know why XDD
lol, the graphics theacher at metal concert rocks!!! The next year I absolutely will go to their house! i don't want to miss them, they are the best theacher who i have never known, really! even if often they seems more like a friends ^^' e la clari mi deve ancora un drink..erh..

-io shono shobria....lo giuro....e la preshide.. è mortah! non lo sho perchè! chiedeteglielo! HIC!..... ma lei shignor carabiniere...è shardo vero?- .....(izuu! i wait for the drawing!! XD)

ok ok.. stop talking randomly...after those -real life- (yeah! I have one!...sometimes) things........
the Bacchus draws go ahead è__é

I just finished Macbeth! (yampy, is better now? T_T)

Free Image Hosting at

the next one will be.... Puck and Romeo (i think)  ^^
eeeeehi... questo sì che è pensare tra parentesi O_O

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- Today I have started to study Japanese (Hiragana for now..I have less than 2 month for learn hiragana, katakana and and the basic grammar..ahahah..ahahhah....MUAHAHAHAHAH T_T'')

- the first 2 draws for mezzadozzinafic are ended!! Bunta is so simple to draw for me, even if in my mind is totally OOC XD (perharps is for that I adapt him in every situation X°D)

Prompt: #Waiting
Free Image Hosting at

Prompt: #Journey
Free Image Hosting at

- devo ancora fare il resoconto del rumicon e modificare le foto e sì, me ne vergogno XD  (Podda guarda, è scritto in piccolo, non leggerlo!!! XD)

- I want to draw Bacchuuuuus!! sigh&sob!! but I've tryed, the Macbeth's hairstyle is quite easy, kukukuku (the clothing a little less..tze..details ¬¬''') è sempre e comunque il mio mito...e ci nasconde taaante cose O__O'''

ok, now I going to read a meme, someone knows what i mean XD
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Zum Zum Zum... (yeah, i had already post this draw..but now is colored!guuuuh!sorry!)
The temperature is too high for ask me to reason XD

(e adesso nessuno potrà togliermi la sacra convinzione che i kisarazu si fanno i cannoni..)

Free Image Hosting at
grass..grass...grass...kisarazu...grass...grass....another kisarasu.....grass...grass.....kisa..uh..WTF?!

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like usual I forget to post on journal... -.-'''

sigh....yesterday morning,since my cat is stupid, I waked up with a dirty tennis ball on my bed...I felt like Tezuka in the Satoumizu's doujinshis XDDDD
it was horrible... for a five minutes I hoped to dream.....sigh...sob...

and I've cut my hair..always long and black..but better XD

Uki UKi Mizuki - Air Gear myu video - ? )


May. 2nd, 2007 12:56 am
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i've finish that fucking draaaaaaaw!!! (without the background because I suck with photoshop...but I'll put it later XDDD)

too too too many hours....I'm exhausted....
Free Image Hosting at
while I colored atobe the song said -I'm a diva- snapping the finger .....I'm scared.... ¬¬''

[EDIT: Tenimyu note: Ruirui grown a lot..... :°]
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today I had hours free..... XD
I've made 3 draws in 2 hours!!! yeah, I know, it's not so much but for me is like a miracle XD

in really I wanted try to draw the profile ^^'


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