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Hola T__T
I'm on the old pc cause today my dear pc decided to not works anymore....and, of course, the telephone number of the computer technician is disapperead, oook, my mum must mum is in africa and I can't call her until wednesday T_T
omg this pc is so slow and noisy but at least I have it to check emails and use internet.....even if I guess is better if I don't switch off anything....of I'll never see this pc on again XD
I had fever AGAIN in the past days.... bah, the doctor said it's normal but I'm really tired to be at home with fever -__-''
the trip in Greek went well but I don't have any photos yet, I'll make a post later :|

uh! I finished it! THE DEN-O / HOST CLUB CROSSOVER! (ispired by the bunch of video on niconico of course)... I know the momo/nekozawa things is weird but Sieg fits Tamaki too well and I didn't find other ways to put momo in the picture XD
(I'm not skilled enough to modify the original pic with photoshop, that's why I chosen the longest way)

Free Image Hosting at

if you won't see me online in the next days it's only pc fault °___°/

PS. fenomeni da segnalare come sempre i traduttori italiani che hanno ben pensato di abbreviare il nome di un innocente personaggio di un videogame (che già si chiamava Allegretto...voglio dire, aveva le sue sfighe...) non con Alle, non con Al, no, neppure con Gretto bensì, e qui pretendo l'ammirazione generale, con RETTO. un applauso e giù il sipario. XD
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I have nothing to post about and I feel so nerd and in love with my fandom today ... not good not good XD
me and [profile] _izu_  spent an entire night watching random stuff like Gekiranger, Den-O and PuripuriD (go to school? naaah) and I slept all the day long .___.'
*watching D.gray-man* -can we found an ep with someone interesting?!- -the answer is... noooaaa!- -__-''

I found the money and ordered Takeru's photobook on yesasia I just have to save up to buy Channaka's one., I have time till march... ¬¬
(btw thank you so much [personal profile] nanpa    for your hard work scanning that photobook! T__T)
uuhm... other useless news....I've finally undestand which character Hideo (Kai) plays in PuripuriD... wtf in puripuri there is an enemy?! and his chara hates Takeru and Channaka's characters.... that's reminds me something :| I don't remember that drama was so ghei....some Kenken/Takeru fanservice killed me.. *BLEURGH*

mumble mumble ... I don't know why but I loved so much Araki's entries with the two of them playing like idiots in the snow XDD

some screencaps of latest eps of gekiranger and Den-O under the cut... and sorry for the heavy post!

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sorry f-list, in these days I'm not commenting on your lj properly but I'm busy to finish a cosplay! lj and/or cosplay will kill me soon, I know.. =___=

!!! about the previous post, for those who would like a draw please please give me an idea, or at least the characters you like, if you want something particular or whatever ^^

First Request: to [ profile] vampy18  
SPOILER (maybe?) how to ruin a scene between Yuto and Airi XD
[Unknown site tag]

...recent facts:
my hair are actually black and orange (and a little bit blonde) .___.'''
 - Mello x Bunta is my new OTP.
 - me and Izu have nothing to do at school but trying to see Mello with horrible face in every persons who walks in front of us
 - Death note and PoT worlds are different or all Tenipuri characters would have died sometime ago.
 - finally I starting to see Kamen Rider Den-O
 - cosplay Lucca Comics ruins our life.
 - ...but my boyfriends will give me two DS game that he doesn't use anymore(YESSS!!)
 - I can't teach how to use a simple program to someone who doesn't understand NOTHING of computers.
 - this post is so much long but I'm forgetting something
 - dopo che l'ho sognato il mio nuovo sogno della vita è far dire "Ciao Amici!" al vero Aiba. dovremmo smetterla di inventarci motti insensati
 - !!ma soprattutto..dire "Takeru e i cosi gommosi" ha realmente proprietà terapeutiche quali infondere gioia immotivata a questo mi angoscia °___°  .... kaaarmico!


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