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ehm..the convention ended this monday and I comed back home yesterday but .....eeeeeh.... XD  non si può rifiutare quando il ghe si offre di prestarti le mutande :°

unfortunately I didn't meet a lot of people and I hadn't time to see the convention properly but after all I had a lot of fun (even if the feeling of "uselessness" didn't leave me yet XD)

un po' delle minchiate dette in sti giorni stanno pacifiche cut U_U  se vi ricordate qualcos'altro ditemelo che edito XD

31/10 - Gintama )

01/11 - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle )

02/11 - Pokemon )

a little spoiler:


and 2 videos:
Katsura and Elizabeth    &    Ashura and Tomoyo TADAAAAN!

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yay, 3 free days, maybe I will finally be able to draw something no, I don't have to start my endless thesis that must be finished in less than one month and I absolutely don't have to do 2 graphic works, why are you thinking so? ....... holy shit XDD
more important is that I'm here to show you what a bad case of insomnia can create: tadaaaan

Ulquiorra = T_T + hole
Groviera cheese = hole
Groviera cheese + T_T = Ulquiorra !!!

and this is what I made trying something different from usual, I don't like it but I think I'll never like one of draw and that's ok XD
I wanted to use a demon for it... and what better than Hamel in demon version? I KNOW he doesn't looks like Hamel at all and that his dress is white and his hair more blonde....oooh...stfu XDD

Five starts to who know from which manga he is from
I have so many things to talk about but I also have Pokemon Mystery dungeon to play on DS, therefore, bye bye XD

Ps. ho spaventato un anonimo bestemmiatore da mercato
Ps2. le bimbeminkia italiane sono in grado di discutere su "ki è + fiko" nella Brigata, nel dubbio, voto Kortopi
EDIT: I'm not dead and I didn't blocked anyone but I'm not using MSN in these days ^^'
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Buy now the limited edition of D-boys Tamagochi!

if you'll feed them properly they'll do.....  Tenimyu! or Gekiranger! ...or Kamen Rider! and some more else!
and if you have some friends with a Wireless connetion you can meet up all D-boys and have access to the final stage..... DD-BOYS.

are you ready for this?

only for Nintendo DS.


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