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I'm extremely late with this but.....I'm posting the cosplay photos me and my friends took at carnival and during a convention... mostly it's about gijinka version of Pokemons XD

all the costumes were designed by us btw :3

Carnival 2010 - random pokemons, random traines and....randoms )

Cartoomics 2010 - Lopunny family, Bleach and Originals )

oookay! the post is done, I'm leaving for a while, I'll be staying in Milan for....I dunno, some days, see you soon! ^^

pict spam

Feb. 26th, 2010 05:20 pm
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Aaaand...time for some cosplay photos XD

(click on the image to see it larger)
From the Festival del Fumetto con of some weeks ago )

---> Also, THIS is still open, I don't know when I'll be able since RL is getting busier than I thought but I'll be sure to draw them all ASAP :*

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The time in which.....I spam your f-list with tons of cosplay photos!
yup yup, Lucca Comics & Games, the most important comic convention in Italy is finished ...and it was great. the cosplays went well, the weather was great and we had fun.......I still can't believe it. XD
la felicità è avere il tempo di rifare i letti alla lucca [cit.]

oh, and I bought a big plushie of Lugia and a 1/8 PVC figure of Tear from Tales of The Abyss... so awesome <333

and since I really don't know what to say.....go ahead with the photos! Huge lj-cut is huge, you has been warned. U_U

preview of the convention: 3 combined photos my camera did automatically.....I'm still amazed of how it managed to combine it so perfectly XD (I did every photo with some seconds of difference, and those people were moving A LOT)

Friday Photos -Phoenix Wright- )

Saturday photos -Tsubasa, The Slayers, Suikoden Tierkreis, Aria & cyberpunk- )

Sunday photos -Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Dogs, Claymore, Naruto & random- )
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Hello there!
too many things happened since the last time I've updated this journal XD
first of all, we bought a house...well ok, it's still not sure but 98% I'll have a new move in may, better than throw money away for the affix :/ mum got malaria in the beginning of September, she spent 13 days in the hospital but she's perfectly fine now

the sick one is Cliffy right now, he has some problem with his tooth growing uncontrolled and pricking the bone, that provocked an enormous abscess on his cheek, we did deflate it last week and we are still administer antibiotics but now is skin is turning black and he's losing all his fur all around the cheek =_=
the solution would be a surgery but....a thing like this on a 7 years old rabbit is something like....a heart transplant on a 90 years old man? way too risky. he doesn't seem to be in pain fortunately, he eat and drink just normally and even play with the cat sometimes

and...I'll probably be in German this week-end with [ profile] reversejunk , but I have to call the vetenirary to be sure....but that seems impossibile....I guess I'll just take the rabbit to the ambulatory tomorrow morning...there shouldn't be problem I hope..

Talking about happiest thing (not that the trip isn't a happy thing but it's a long discourse XD)....THESE just arrived yesterday and are AWESOME <333  (yes, yes, I felt in love with Tales of The Abyss and it's all [ profile] carbyno 's fault U_U)

I was talking about that with my mum some days ago and lol, I love my parents sometimes
me - mum....a friend of mine will lend me these cosplay, how bad do you think I will look in them? XD
*showing Luke & Asch*
mum -.....too harness! Could you please dress like a woman for once?
me - I'll cosplay as her indeed.. but since I can rent these I want to try them!
mum - uuuhm...uhm...already better.....which is the whoreish one you shown me yesterday?
me - her? Judith? yeah...she's another one I want to cosplay someday....
mum - this one!!! perfect!! I wanna see you LIKE THIS!
me - mum....I'm not sure this is exaclty what you are expected to say XDDD
mum - I'm just saying you should dress more like a bitch U_U
(il riassunto era -e vestiti da zoccola, cristo santo!- XD)
...........ok, I'm confused, but anyway... XD (better if she doesn't see what I'll cosplay in November....¬¬)

I really need a mood theme (and a layout...ugh) right now but I have no ideas at the moment....any suggestions? :/

EDIT: lol, raw-paradise has updated with dorohedoro 83 just in the moment I've opened the Korn folder XDD  (sì ma...l'82?)
EDIT2: I didn't really understand what is happening but..... YAKUMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cries of happiness*

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Hello everyone! How are you going?
I'm trying to survive the hot temperature and to clean the house waiting for  [ profile] rdelcaos  , [ profile] ishirane  , [ profile] reversejunk  , [profile] shiki_thief and her boyfriend who doesn't have a lj account (gigio culo!) to spend the week-end with them XD
I should be studying and instead not only I didn't even opened a book yet....I'm even doing useless thing like arranging a wig for a cosplay convention that will November ¬¬
that's the result: one & two   not that bad considering it's the first time I arrange a wig and I did with a one hand ( the head doesn't stand by itself) XD  it should be looking something like this

my cat did understand everything in life (she's trying to looks dead to not be chased away from the ventilator XDD)

I'm planning a huge post with some photos of my bro's marriage and my holidays the next week T_T
sorry everyone, I'll try to catch and comment your entries soon! T_T

......hooooot.....I didn't eat or drink anything from yesterday evening at vital function are reduced at minimum @_@

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I'm back from Berugamo! XD
I finally cosplayed as Lana from Phoenix Wright with my dear [profile] shiki_thief  as Ema .....I *LOVE* that cosplay with no end *____*
and we have been really lucky with the weather.....I still can't believe it, I didn't suffer hot with that june! and it wasn't raining!
che tradotto vuol dire: abbiamo avuto così culo che a lucca grandinerà verde e quadrato per compensare

First time with a skirt since I was 9! XDD
the event itself wasn't good, we did nothing but walking around the city...and like the 95% of the other cosplayers were n00b :/
the only funny thing were the expressions of the people on the street... some of them did the military greet to, I'm the Chief Prosecutor! not a soldier! XD

cosplay photos under a huge cut :D )

strangerly enough exams are going well.... I still have 3 exams for this summer, the illustration work to finish and I'll be free (for like....15 days, better than nothing! XDD)

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Hello! it has been...more than a month since my last entry ^^''
useless to say, I'm sorry to not being able to comment or post more often, I'm so behind with work and even more with University *should stop to waste time* T_T
how are you?

I'm planning of spending easter in Bergamo with my friends and to visit Le Cornelle, I won't be at home until Tuesday *___*
(expect some photos from the wildlife park if I manage to settle the camera, damn, it's not even mine XD)

anyway, I wanted to do a post full of cosplay pictures but I haven't got all the photos from Cartoomics yet so I have to wait :/
just a preview of our Tsubasa Chronicle group (click on the image to see it in full size)

I even did some draws lately, mostrly about Phoenix Wright and Dorohedoro but...uh...too much for your poor F-page XD
I don't mean to spam you, if you are interested everything is in my Deviantart account

Uuuuuhm........Since I have to stay a lot of time drawing at the pc and I'm learning by heart all my mp3s, could you please dear f-list pimp me a song? I really want something new to listen ^^''

[ profile] ilrancore  aggiorna più di me, ma ci rendiamo conto? XD
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ehm..the convention ended this monday and I comed back home yesterday but .....eeeeeh.... XD  non si può rifiutare quando il ghe si offre di prestarti le mutande :°

unfortunately I didn't meet a lot of people and I hadn't time to see the convention properly but after all I had a lot of fun (even if the feeling of "uselessness" didn't leave me yet XD)

un po' delle minchiate dette in sti giorni stanno pacifiche cut U_U  se vi ricordate qualcos'altro ditemelo che edito XD

31/10 - Gintama )

01/11 - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle )

02/11 - Pokemon )

a little spoiler:


and 2 videos:
Katsura and Elizabeth    &    Ashura and Tomoyo TADAAAAN!

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I took a while to do this wasn’t a good period at all.
But I think here is not the place where talk about that...... ^^

And Lucca comics is finish.....ok, more than one week ago XD
We won as “best group from a videogame” on saturday, and this is the most important comic convention in Italy, with more than 500 cosplayers in one day.... so we are proud of this ^^
And we drunk Baileys from the cup!!! XD
These was been nice days! I meet so many people and have a lot of fun! Chuuuu :**

The weather was good!! ... questa è la lucca dei miracoli O_o
Above some photos and report – mostly in italian, sorry

More photos of the organizzation HERE
More photos of Bacchus HERE
Thanks Vampy, also for the edited pics :*

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Gente, il prossimo anno a lucca.... cosplay dell'uomo nudo con le mani in tasca, tutti e 3 i giorni.. e non voglio obbiezioni -__-

and because the world NEEDS a Sato Takeru's community!! è___é

                                                                 [profile] cube_of_takeru

JOIN!! now me and Vampy have to work on it... ok ok, AFTER that fucking comic convention XD
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ok..i'm so sorry, I come back to Italy more than one week ago, i know i know...but now I'm finally come back on livejournal..totally. =__=

the trip in japan has been.... wonderful! this was the most hot summer in the japan history... and simply i can't stand hot temperature... I have thought to die.. but it has been wonderful! ^^''    (vampy posted some photos HERE if you wanna take a look...)
we have meet so many people and I'm really happy for this, thank you so much ^^
..and we have seen Tenimyu, Peacemaker and Sukedachi (they didn't wear the costumes of the photoset.. lol, I can't understand this XD)

I've found a new love, i watched hanakimi (the drama!!) in these days!! i really like it... if the next episodes doen't will be released soon i'll get crazy XDD

lol, I just have a fight with my mum... because she said that the bacchus are really androgynous.... NO. mum, I can accept so many things but.... Juliet doesn't seems like a woman.. NEVER!! XDDD   (either Akira.. where do you see a woman in Akira?!) five japanese magazine she didn't found a single guy that (for her) doesn't seems a female =__=
beh, a dire il vero il termine preciso da lei usato è "checchette eteri".. che qualsiasi cosa voglia dire sicuramente non è traducibile XD

ah!! about the Air Gear Myu Super Range Remix... I have already said that in this musical the most "in chara" thing they do is toushing themselves? ¬¬
Ryuji is a really good actor, more than Kenken i think.. but is simply not Ikki == ....  Kousuke is a leader (and a tiiiiiny romeo XDDD), Akira is...hysteric? too much kind? i remembered a different Macbeth...Yuya.. I love him but Puck with his real voice scared me XD Yanagisawa..eer..not bad! but please don't sing! TT  Juliet is simply Juliet, more or less (and it still has an hairy armpits).  and the musical is... POORN! especially summer noon dream! and in every dance they made a strange move.. O_o'

this is happened! it's a real fact! T___T

Vampy! Pod! My Romio! Hamuretto! look at this!! °_°
lol.. i can make a photos and i scanned ten metres of woven X°°DD

Free Image Hosting at


i miei nick sono mutati molto male in sti giorni...
Ho il potere di divenire me stesso... perchè sono Fico!!
Ho il potere di divenire i cosi gommosi... perchè sono... uh... gommoso?


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