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I never know where to start with this kind of entries but anyway... XD

Thank you so so much for all the birthday wishes and gift...I know I already thanked privately but everyone has to see the marvelous gifts I got!

under the cut: The awesome presents ....clickoclickoclicko XD )

so...yeah, again, thanks a lot everyone, I'm 22 now and as you can image from my nickname this is a special number to me...and I just had one of the best birthday ever, I love you all so so much <3

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most important thing ever:

THANK YOU  to everyone who wished me happy birthday!!!
you made my day bright and I really have no words to thanks you...I'm touched, sob, it's all your fault T____T
I love you all dears!!! *huuugs* <33333333

(and [personal profile] pharrezychica  thank you so much for the virtual gift, it was really unexpected and I scared my dad jumping when I've seen it, lol XD
particolarmente grazie!! mi sono commossa, giuro :°)
lol, I even received the best gif image of the cosplay I'll will do in october! I didn't had it yet XDDD
and yes, I'm now officially 20-years-old, goodbye number 1! U__U

aaaaaand.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [profile] ran89 too!!! yeeeeah! XDD

and what else I wanted to talk about? ...............ah...yes XD
I had a lot of fun at the class dinner 2 days ago..first I've meet some of the ex-classmates and after me, [profile] _izu_, and 2 other (Viotto & Pavia the best of XD) are gone to my ex-teacher's house...he has such a beautiful house and we spent the evening seeing a documentary about the history of marijuana, talking about sexual deviation of some local mad guys and drinking alcholic .. he even give me a lift, I come back home at 3.30 a.m. with a book about the story of one of those mad guy XD dio com'è difficile iniziare di colpo a chiamare per nome un prof @_@
he even send me a sms to wish me happy birthday this morning, so cute XD
the teachers of my ex school are really.....special, lol *adoring* I absolutely want to keep in touch wiith them (unfortunately this evening there was a concert of one of them but I can't go, bububububu)

a lot of other things happened lately but I don't want to talk about it here nor today U_U

sorry if my english is even awful than usual but I must be at my bro's house in like.....2 minute and I'm not even dressed XDD
I don't even have time to draw something to thank you...zob.... byeeee! T_T

Edit: oh well.... I forgot my bro has a computer too U___U'''


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