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Hello everyone! Christmas cards has been sent! hope you will receive yours soon :D

And say hi to my new little friend, a surprise christmas gift from my mum, 8GB with mp3s, mp4s, videos, radio and even txt, the only flaw is that I haven't find how to randomize the order of songs...I don't want to believe that an mp3 that can basically breed coffee doesn't have a random option. O_o
btw my dad is awesome, he called me while I was trying to make the Mp3 player work:
-Hi, you think is possible for me to work with a program called EmoDio?  (Dio means God in italian)
- Nah, you could at most have a NerdDio.-
I lol'd. some months ago he called me all hyper saying -I've learned a new word! NERD! that's you!1!!!1 :DDD- .....I love him. he doesn't know a thing about games or computers but we can discuss for hours about fandoms. and he's still convinced Ike smells, I'm not sure why, but he firmly believe so.


Naesala/Leanne for the FE Santa Exchange on DeviantArt. This is the first pic of my masochist project of 7 full-illustrations in 9 days, trying to have a life in the meanwhile. I'm gonna die~ 8D

About real life...uhm, yesterday was my last day at the radio, I'm free until January's a little sad, I'm gonna miss the place. but in a hour I'll be at a dinner party with all the co-workers in a restaurant where all the dishes are made with blonde beer, from the appetizers to the sweets, it's gonna be fun, especially 'cause I don't have to pay XD
gotta get ready, see you!
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Heeello! How are you doing dears? :D
I have like...294829482 things to do at the moment and instead I'm posting on lj, cool...but I feel strangerly good and I have some news: from january I'll probably work in a commercial art studio for a stage of 1 month, if it goes well they'll probably assume, if not it's still an important expecience..... in any case, wish me luck! :3

aaaand! the wig [ profile] solnote  bought me 2 months ago finally arrived! sorry for the crappy emo-style photos but I'm just glad the wig finally arrived, we were losing hopes XD
say "Hi" to the WC in the background!  :DDDD
Grazie gigio! :°

This is actually an old old old drawing...and I've finished it weeks ago but as usual, I forgot to post...and no, the background wasn't colored by a fire-years-old children though it looks like it.

Clink on the preview for the full picture and a sort of explanation XD

ps. FE! Anon meme = best thing since sliced bread, Y/Y?
and to whoever posted this, even if I don't know if he/she will ever read this...thank you! It made me so so so happy.... ;___;
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Posting some sketches I did for [ profile] doodle_emblem, I wish I have time to take requests more often, these were so fun. (btw, I haven't forgot about the valentine requests but everytime I start coloring those something urgent appears and I have to throw a pokeball at it.....or I don’t feel like coloring.....yeah, I haven't forgot but you probably had, I’m sorry XD)

Lj-cut for a lot of shipping-fanarts!

FE 7 )

FE 8 )

FE 9/10 )

if you want a card but can't reciprocate don't worry, I totally don't mind! :3


Oct. 1st, 2010 07:23 pm
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what a night I had Sunday....
First a stray cat climbed on the rose and get to our terrace.... then a 5am my dad called on the entrance phone 'cause he was suffering renal colic...a little kidney stone, nothing major, he's fine...but when I finally got to sleep at 7.30 in the morning, among other nonsense things I dreamt of me and [ profile] solnote  trying to interview a giant Milka cow...(vestiti e con gli atteggiamenti di Luca&Paolo alle Iene, per altro)...................maybe I should start taking drugs? at least there would be an explanation...

aaaaand...yesterday I had a job interview for a photographic studio, it didn't go well but I didn't expect it to. XD
Now I'm gonna spend the week-end with [ profile] _izu_  and I hope next week to be able to go to Milan <3

fandom note: Tales of the Abyss on 3DS .... OMG YES! I will wait to declare my eternal love to Namco until the english released will be announced (if it will ever be XD) but still.....yay!

and...uh, I took this text
#56% moderately expressed introvert
#25% moderately expressed intuitive personality
#75% distinctively expressed thinking personality
#1% slightly expressed judging personality
...the result fits, the only problem is that I found the link in the tenipuri community and according to this table......I kill dinosaurs, lol.
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My cat has a new awesome hobby: trying to assault me while I'm playing mmorpg. Believe me, killing the boss with only one hand while trying to not let the cat scratching your face is HARD. XD
but she looks so cute while sleeping

aaaand, if I don't find a work before, I'll be probably be in Bosnia for a week at the end of October :D
My mum has a charity association that works in Africa and Bosnia and she often travels there....I'll go with her this time. I'm still pretty unsure since that would be a busy period and I don't get along much with the other girls that will come with us, they are nice we just....don't have anything in common ^^''
but I hope it would be a pleasant experience....even if I'll be pretty useless XD

bah, anyway, have a draw! click on the preview to see it larger

comment goes under a cut )

Ps. Stolen from [ profile] saru_wa  on Twitter: OMG. XDDD
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Obbligatory talking about Pokemons .......zan zan zan........I don't like the new generation at all. there are like 2-3 I actually may like but nothing special...not only some are ugly as hell, the problem is that they don't look like pokemons at all to me, there is not continuity in style with the previous generations.....bof :/
to said the truth, I'm tired of new generations since the 3° one XD (though there are some that I love...Altaria ♥ Gallade ♥ Roserade ♥) I will obviously continue to like pokemons, I'll just stop at the 4° generation and live happy with it. XD
I'm not even a "first generation or dieeee" kind of fan, the pokemon I like less of them all is Magmar and he's from the first generation so yeah....but I'll probably won't even play the new games or memorized names or things...I guess there are enough pokemons I like already :D
On top of that I still have to finish Soul Silver .... I played a little yesterday, tried to beat Sabrina just for fun since her pokemons are level 53-55 and my team is not over level 41 with not many good moves or stats.............................I actually beat her. at first try, without even treat my team after the trainers in her gym and without using any revitalizer. okaaay....or I'm really good at this game and I don't know it or there is something not quite alright with the difficulty level XD
but I guess my team doesn't suck that much after all, though having Jumpluff that cannot fly deeply penalize it. I swear that cotton ball FLEW back in Silver. >:|

so yeah, sorry but no hate, I really don't care.......tze, try to make me not like Ninetales anymore GameFreak! >:D

Besides how could I be angry with Nintendo after seeing THIS ?!
I know there will be a lot of hate around the "oh no! not cartonized Link again!" but sincerately? Zelda is probably the only "saga" that never disappointed me in any way (though I didn't have the patience to finish the DS ones XD), I'm currently playing Twilight Princess and it's AWESOME, and Wind Waker was probably my favourite one so........a new Zelda game, with a mixture of cartoonized and normal drawing style, with an apparently amazing gameplay..... on Wii? = EPIC WIN. omg, I can't wait *___________*

I'm excited for Kid Icarus too, often using him in Brawl I got endear to Pit and the game looks awesome.....but not having a 3DS or any money for it ....erk, it will have to wait a lot XD

ok, rethinking about could I be angry with Nintendo even only thinking about the 3DS? ♥

EDIT: cute, my rabbit fell 8 years I've seen him sleeping only 3-4 times and for not more than 5 minutes.......I always got worried when I see him with his eyes closed XD
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Say "hi!"  to my new cosplay wig :D
I like it a lot...and it's a gift from [ profile] solnote  :° not that I need the wig at the moment...I just liked it XD and I plan to cosplay Mia someday so it could be useful XD

a Tibarn/Reyson sketch under the cut.... )(Warning for yaoi btw)

I had to go to a christening last week and let me say... NEVER. AGAIN.
I'm actually opposed to baptism since I think one has to choose his religion, if he ever feel like he need one, when it's able to think with his own head and to choose by himself....I would never impose such a thing on my children.....I have been christen but I don't believe in God and pretty much don't like anything about Christian religion so it feels like kind of...hypoctite? but that's beside the point, everyone do whatever they want.
the point is.....babies looks so ugly to me T__T and I'm not able to lie in this kind of situation so I was like -eheheh..she's so cut...ehm....little? ehehehhe....takethisthingawayfrommenowandforeverplease-. also, most boring afternoon EVER. the buffet and the place was good but we didn't did anything beside staying sit without much to say.... good thing that my mum was so bored too and I could comment everything of what the priest said with her or I would have turn out crazy XD

tra parentesi le dogate italiane sono allucinanti. per un pacco contenente lenti a contatto e parrucche mi han mandato una raccomandata a cui devo (a carico mio ovviamente, braccine corte a linate), rispondere con 3 moduli pieni di dati tra cui peso, contenuto e indirizzo di spedizione esatti della merce, fotocopie varie di carta d'identità, partita IVA, codice fiscale..pure del culo praticamente...addirittura il certificato medico..........dichiarando che no madonna, non sto importando armi di distruzione di massa e se fosse, avrebbero dei gran bei colori
no ma così, per stiam mica un pelin esagerando? ma del tipo che la prossima volta importo sedativi così si danno una calmata.

I have to take a shower and go out now but I hope to be able to catch up with the f-page later....see you °_°/
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Floods in Pakistan


*picture not for the weak hearted )

A couple of weeks have gone by since the floods in Pakistan have flowed and the number of people affected by this are staggering & record breaking.

Over 20 MILLION PEOPLE have been affected by this disaster.
That is MORE THAN THE COMBINED TOTAL of the 2004 Tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and the American Katrina disaster.

How many of you knew about this ? It’s a shame at the extreme lack of coverage on this horrific disaster. Pakistan is getting MINIMAL help.

Ignorance never ends, a recent poll was taken in America on whether if they would donate or have donated to Pakistan or not. 67% DO NOT wish or want to help Pakistan. 67% !!! (Please, mind you I'm not attacking America here, these are the words of the original author. I personally think all countries are being lazy bums when it comes to sending aids. There are only a handful of countries who have sent considerable amounts of aids but it's still not enough. It's barely enough.)

What I’m trying to say is, Please, take note of this. These people are innocent and now they are homeless and sick. Children are dying quickly due to the lack of care. People have drowned, crops are ruined, animals are dead & homes are gone.

This picture breaks my heart. I want you all to look at this picture. What do you see ?

Do you see terrorists ? Do you see future killers ? Do you see another plot against America ? Do you see that in those mosquitoes that can possibly and most likely have left diseases such as malaria ? Do you see harm in that empty bottle ?

Most of the world are not helping because Pakistan happens to be a Muslim country, so they are terrorists and thus not worth of helping. The media barely covers the tragedy that is taking place there. Aside from Aljazeera and few other news agencies, no one else talks about this or even if they do, it's just briefly. Why ?
When Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquack, the whole world rose to help and at a record time but the crisis taking place in Pakistan is of a much greater magnitude, why is the world so blind to it ?

If it's because Pakistanis are Muslims, they didn't hurt anyone. Extremists are the ones to blame, not Muslims. Why should they be left hopeless ? They didn’t do anything to anyone.

Just look at this picture and think about what you’ve just read.

Please help if you can. These people are not asking for a shitload of cash. But please, try to donate. Any amount is fine. Donating to UNICEF will send aid to children. Donate to the Red Cross & the UN Foundation or choose any organization from the list below you feel comfortable donating to.

The following are internationally recognized aid organizations;

» Islamic Relief (UK)
» Muslim Aid
» UN World Food Programme
» International Committee for the Red Cross
» Médecins Sans Frontières ( USA, UK, Canada )
» Oxfam America
» Oxfam Great Britain
» British Red Cross
» ActionAid in Australia.
» The Humanitarian Coalition in Canada. (a partnership between CARE, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec and Save The Children)

The above organizations are very trustworthy. They actually deliver your help to where it's needed. Nothing will go to waste.
If you are a Muslim, donate your zakats and sadaqats to the flood victims this year, if you are not illegible to pay then tell your parents and everyone with income in your family, your extended family and your friends. Remember that the prophet peace be upon him said; "Never does charity cause wealth to diminish" or "ما نقص مال عبدٍ من صدقه".

You can do it too. If you can't pay, the least you can do is let your friends know about what's going on. Spread the word. More people need to know about what's going on in Pakistan.

One-fifth of the country is under water; 20 million+ people are homeless. All I ask is for you to help a little and spread awareness.

Please, help in anyway you can.

Thank you very much for reading. Thank you very much for anyone who is considering to offer donations and thank you very much for anyone who reposts this journal or links back to it.

(edited & reposted from karmahasutra@tumblr)
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I didn't suffer from pollen allergy in spring and during starts at the end of August? :|
I even had the brilliant idea of gardering my cactus today......the result? now my hands looks like the image below and the rabbit ate half the plants ....DAMMNIT XD

also, I had a photo of my rabbit on my desk disappeared O_o
I don't remember of moving it...and I wouldn't had any reason of doing so.....and I was alone at home since my mum was in Africa but it isn't anywhere in my just disappeared...all the other photos are in the right place....WTF O__o

--- I'm glad that apparently I'm not the only one who can't stand the new Twitter/Facebook option on LJ......why the fuck should I would like to post my comments on other accounts not on LJ? ...and now you can't comment on LJ using a Facebook account? woah, thank you LJ for giving me a reason to turn this journal friends-only. and I don't even ever write anything private, lol.
grrrr ...I never had an account on that damned site 'cause I hate hate hate Facebook and its fucking "privacy" policy in every possible way and having it throw down your throat in the only site I was hoping would not affiliate is not nice -.-****
per altro se qualcuno prova a commentare/friendare da facebook lo scotenno, io avverto -.-

on a happy note....[ profile] shian_wind  bought this awesome wig in Japan for me <33 It costwaaaay too much but the quality can't be compared to the ones on Ebay...and I'm stupid. yuuup.
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I'm a bored, bored person.
and this is actually not all my fault, the idea born with [ profile] carbyno  time ago....and it fits

FE fans, you are free to kill me.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] measuringlife ! :D

I hope you'll like this....I'm sorry, it came out kind of....laughable? T__T
or maybe is just my dad that is making fun of me from yesterday, the first thing he thought seeing the sketch was that the effeminate guy was probably close to dying from being too near to the other one's armpit.....I thought that too but sssshhhh XD

Other news...I disappeared again 'cause I was.... in Milan, just to be original XD and I've had a nice week with [ profile] solnote  at my home....we basically spent our days nerding (coughBRAWLcough) but it was fun XD

obligatory: I was using Pit and he was using Marth
[ profile] solnote  -why are you just flying around?
*a bomb hits Marth and kilsl him letting me win*
me -that's why. 8D

Aaaaalso.....I won the Tales of Contest with the Duke entry! YAY! I didn't expect it so I'm really happy *____* and for the next six month I'll be a premium account and the advertisings will have to shut the fuck up. XD
I'm also thinking about opening commissions over DA / LJ communities...I don't really think it will have any success ...but it doesn't hurt to try, right? :/
and the poll result on DA was pretty amusing ---> XDDD

Byez ♥
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Happy Birthday [ profile] mukimpokun  ! ♥ ♥ ♥ I have no idea what time is in Brazil but I hope I'm not too late XD
*HUGS* best wishes to your twin too <333

Since I don't have much else to say...have a draw I finished just this afternoon (after 2 days working on it while on skype with benkayte & dantah XD)...... I tried to stay serious commenting this on DeviantArt since it's for a contest's face it....this. drawing. don't. have. any. sense.  °___°

okay, it's Duke...and a Tales it doesn't really have to have much sense androgynous man on a...dunno....mass of rocks hanged up.....nothing......and with a ohsoseme!squirrel (probably already freezed to dead considering how high in the sky they seem) WTF!  XD
but it looks cool and nobody seem to notice so...sssssssh 8D

---> Click on the image to see the full picture <---
at least I'm drawing again after months of August/September I hope to finish all the requests I left behind

and a new version of an old meme I thought this morning with [ profile] benkayte ....Happy!Crack!Fandom meme...... just the happy meme, but with fandoms! :D

1. Post about something related to fandom that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.  not tagging anyone but...DO IT!

DAY 1:  singing "If you were gay" aloud in the car with  [ profile] reversejunk acting like Ike & Soren XDDD


Ike, please!
I am trying to read....

EDIT: sappiate che odio la dantah. ma proprio tanto. mi ha appena fatto un epic win che mi ha ucciso. ponziponziporopò.
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I never know where to start with this kind of entries but anyway... XD

Thank you so so much for all the birthday wishes and gift...I know I already thanked privately but everyone has to see the marvelous gifts I got!

under the cut: The awesome presents ....clickoclickoclicko XD )

so...yeah, again, thanks a lot everyone, I'm 22 now and as you can image from my nickname this is a special number to me...and I just had one of the best birthday ever, I love you all so so much <3

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Taking a day to check the friends page, reply to comment and updating.....the temperatures is killing mee but more than many damned mosquitos are around this year? O__O

on happy news... me, [ profile] benkayte , [ profile] carbyno  and [ profile] shian_wind could start to call ourselver live-in partners since we spent almost 2 weeks together and I'll be at [ profile] shian_wind  house with them in 3 days....the only problem is that we are the less productive people ever when together XDDD

BUT! some photos of fandom biscuits (FE, Gundam00 and others) and my cat under the cut XD )
most productive thing we had done in a week pretty much XD

ma a parte ciò...

lj-cut in italiano delle puttanate accadute di recente che temo potranno capire solo gli interessati quindi ignorate con fiducia )

there is such a nice evening planned for me..... a dinner with my mum and my dad to "talk about future" ...... can you feel how fearsome this sounds? *shudders*  .____. 
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I'm extremely late with this but.....I'm posting the cosplay photos me and my friends took at carnival and during a convention... mostly it's about gijinka version of Pokemons XD

all the costumes were designed by us btw :3

Carnival 2010 - random pokemons, random traines and....randoms )

Cartoomics 2010 - Lopunny family, Bleach and Originals )

oookay! the post is done, I'm leaving for a while, I'll be staying in Milan for....I dunno, some days, see you soon! ^^
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okay, apparently every time I try to be active on LJ something happens ^^''
how are you guys doing?

uhm..uuhhm.... some news:
-- I choose to leave University, at least for the moment. I'm waiting for my mum to coming back from Bosnia to compile a Curriculum and start to search a work. and's not one of those "I though about it for months" decisions....I actually decided in 30 minutes 3 days ago XD
the problems about continuing university are mostly economical....but I think it's the better decision anyway at the moment, and I could always start uni again in a year or two :3
so...I have to re-organize my life (and my holiday) from now on XD

--  my dad made me a pie writing my name on it with fruit...without any special reason...just to be cute.....sigh *deeply moved* T___T

-- haven't drawn in brain is on hiatus, seriously. I know I still have a lot of things to draw (and I should think about a portfolio too)

-- bought Okami and Persona4 and haven't tried them much yet :/

-- I'm trying to convince my stomach that he isn't completely empty. maybe it will works if I try hard enough U_U

-- I feel like my english is getting worse and worse every minute...sigh XD

I'll try to catch up with the f-pages now, bye! ^^
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---- Thanks to an unexpected free premium account to MegaUpload (YOU know what I'm talking about è_é) and after talking with [ profile] inomuiro  about it, I've started watching Durarara again...I'm at episode 10 now, it's a really nice watch but still nothing more to me :/
it doesn't have the It-makes-you-almost-every-character-even-if-they-are-completely-insane thing Baccano! least not to me...and no 1930s America setting = no party XD

--- got an haircut today..and the cat is avoiding me like hell T_T she hates the dye smell apparently T__T

--- I'm currently struck at home with the most boring and loquacious electrician ever. seriously, he has been there for a hour now and haven't shut up for a second!! he keeps on talking and talking and talking....mostly to himself since I'm here posting but uhm *shrugs*

I wanted to post something else for a change but I have nothing on this computer...hopefully my pc will be back this evening :/
so, have some other Fire Emblem sketches under the cut! there is a mild shonen-ai in it
A kiss?! in one of my drawings?! how did that happened A )

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remember me to never play Super Smash Bros Brawl with my dad at home.

*looking at Ike's sword, Ragnell*
he -what is that thing? it looks ...phallic...just a little...I mean, a lot.
me -for your information that's not a penis. IT'S THE BIG GOLDEN PENIS OF DOOM!
he - oh sure...okay....I wonder that kind of games are you playing è_é

senseless talking about Brawl  )

and a meme, tagged by [ profile] snowflaika  with the colour blue :D

Comment if you'd like a colour. Then list ten things that you like/love which are that colour.

 the 10 blue things in no particular order )

News + meme

May. 1st, 2010 05:10 pm
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I'm in the new house! the move went well...I'll post some photos of the house as soon as everything is finished, for now have a photo of how nerdy my desk currently looks, you can't see it in the photo, but alongside of the desk there is even a flatTv with Wii, GameCube, PS2.....and a sofa bed right in front of it 8DD

the reason why I'm using 2 pcs is that I still have no internet on mine but I can sometimes use my mum's laptop to check mails and lj......I'm using my computer as an mp3 player basically...poor him....and sigh, I hate laptops XD

Have a meme!
Give me a fandom / character or pairing and I'll tell you one or more songs I associate with it.

I have to go out now, I'll try to catch up with friends pages later :3

EDIT: and my dad just bought me Super Smash Bros Brawl....dfjdhdfnddbnf YEEESSSSS *___*
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it's so nice to be here again, I've missed this place and you all, really <3
so much that I should actually take a shower and get ready for some shopping in a electronics shopping center (totally the best kind of shopping)..and instead I'm posting here XD

a news! from now I will post my draws on this account! 
are you happy? I know you aren't :DDD!

the truth is...there are tons of sketches and linearts I'll probably never finish but that are still decent enough to be seen by the world and I'm not really active on DA (I only post once in a while and only comment on friends's more like a photobucked account, I don't really like that place anyway). plus nothing much happens in my life lately so this account is mostly for memes and cosplay pict (when I'm not too lazy to resize and upload them...ssssh XD) not add draws?

First spam post!
four sketches about Fire Emblem 9/10 I found in my pc )

warning for mild shonen-ai (Ike/Soren). okay, this warning makes me laugh.

Hope you like it! ^^


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