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I got my first "OmG no gheis in mai games!11!!!1!" comment  *applause*  :DDDDD
I was surprised I didn't get any comment like this one yet, now I feel fulfilled :D

and about it, a badly translated and useless log:
[ profile] solnote  - reply to him! XD
[ profile] kiu22  - nah, I won' know, for the "never talk to an idiot or people would not understand who's the idiot between the two" XD
[ profile] solnote  - because you are soooo much clever, right? I love you mummy ♥
[ profile] kiu22  - eeer...less teasing, or I'll leave you with the idiot on DA for all the night long.
[ profile] solnote  - at worst I'll link him all the pictures of Ike doing strange things...
[ profile] kiu22   - like licking his own elbow?
[ profile] solnote  - no, touching his nose with the tongue.
[ profile] kiu22  - he can do that?! then that's why he's a hero!
[ profile] solnote  - no, but that would be cool!
[ profile] kiu22  - yeah, what's cooler than the hero in front of the final boss with a sacred sword in the hands.....trying to lick his own nose?
[ profile] kiu22  - ...........................wait
[ profile] kiu22  - are we now both trying to touch our nose with the tongue at 3.35 a.m. in front of a monitor?
[ profile] solnote  - NO! THAT'S NOT TRUE!
[ profile] kiu22  - ............just admit it already.
[ profile] solnote  - ..............................................yes? ;__;

Ps. I just discovered a Kirby anime exists. and it was on TV when I was like 13-14 .... I hope I never see it. but Meta Knight is still cool
Why I'm talking about Kirby at 4 a.m?! oh, because I'm so clever, yeah..that was it.

'Night guys XD

ps2. non è che vada proprio fierissima di essere il commento più votato a QUESTO video °__°
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