Jan. 11th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Hello! How are you doing?
I'm back home with an acute headache and with a cat that seem determinined to spent all the day on my legs. aaah, home sweet home XD
The new year'eve went smooth and nice, nothing much happened but that's not necessary a bad thing, And since I wasn't able to buy a gift to everyone I bought 20 sky lanterns, I'mhappy it has been appreciated ^^


I don't have but we drew on most of the lanterns with randomness and fandom ♥

me, [ profile] benkayte  & [ profile] violet_bar  lighting one of the lanterns the dorohedoro one, apparently

and where there is Dorohedoro, there is smoke XD The photo is not photoshopped btw

[ profile] ishirane  & [ profile] shian_wind lighting some more lanterns

...and the day after XD

TADAAAAN.... the Altinamas!

Completely mine and [ profile] benkayte 's fault. the Barbie is way too blonde and dressed like a slut but eh, we'll do better next year XD

Sigh, I have tons of things to do on the internet but not much in real life , I can't even move from home to see my friends until my mum is back home, she's in Africa at the moment...Eritrea if I remember corrently, and won't be back for at least a week :/
I'm very frustrated lately, I have problems sleeping at night and as a result I sleep all day long and don't manage to do anything. plus, the art-block is killing me, I have so many things to finish but my hands aren't cooperating =_='
Tomorrow I'll force myself to clean the house and to go out for as many hours as I can XD

Out of boredom I've posted some old WIPs at [ profile] doodle_emblem if anyone is interested ---> here

uhm...that's all? nothing interesting to say as usual, sorry guys. I'll try to catch up with the f-list a little now ^^'

P.s. would anyone be interested in a music meme/fanmixes/music spam? be warned I almost only listen to rock and metal, mostly alternative and post-grunge ...I don't how if there is anyone in my f-list who likes the genres
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