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How has been your christmas (if you celebrated it) dear F-list?
Mine was the borest ever.  We where a lot of people, mostly of which I barely know...and the lunch was ALL about meat and fish and being vegetarian....I spent 5 hours at the table without eating anything, lol. not that I mind not eating, I rarely have lunch anyway, but I was so bored I could have felt asleep right there...the people were nice though, aside from my aunt that is a good heart but even the stupiest and most boring person ever.... she kept on asking me if I wanted to eat this or this, it's meal, I don't want to eat it, stop asking me every fucking dish if they all contain the same thing -.-'
After the lunch I even start playing the DS out of desperation and then went home by foot, claiming that I had to check the cat has an excuse. BUT! after that I spent almost 12 hours on Skype with [ profile] benkayte  photoshopping horrible things, chatting and fandomizing Avatar and Fire Emblem and other random series with the "share screen" option...that was an awesome way to spent the Christmas night, no kidding XD
We often joke about being each other A support with ending for a reason after all ♥
My plan for next year Christmas is to eat a pizza with my dad and stop. At least I'll be sure to have fun, we are atheist so it's not like we care about the festivities's more a bother than anything else but I usually enjoy spending time with my family.....not this year, definitely not this year. But I've find out that the brother of my brother (it sounds funny but we aren't related, me and my brother have a different father) is vegetarian too and he's becoming vegan. I wish I could know him better, I've only meet him twice and he seemed really nice....I bet my brother would be happy if we become friends XD

Enough babbling..... [ profile] measuringlife , [ profile] traincat  & [ profile] blacklacelily 

They turned out kind of awful.....sigh, I'll draw you something more and better but time was less and I was completely lacking ideas T__T
I even thought about doing a Christmas related pic but it didn't make much sense to me since they don't exactly have Christ or the Coca-cola company to begin with....maybe they celebrate something like Asheramas? Altinamas? where instead of making a cheche you have to take a barbie and give her 2 swords double her size (or guns if you feeling AU).....I bet Lehran likes the idea. Not sure about Zelgius though.
Okay, I'm done be delirious...hope you like it!

I'm currently at [ profile] benkayte  house but we'll be tomorrow and I probably won't be online much until January so..... Happy New Year everyone! :D
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