May. 19th, 2011

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---> I've updated my previous entry.

Hello, I'm pretending to be busy working and updating lj instead :/
the other option is rolling on the floor while waiting for the painkiller to act. Yes, it's that nice time of the month when women curse their uterus...ouch.

Nothing new to tell you, my life is boring as usual, but I'm looking forward to this summer, if everything goes as I hope, I'm going to have an awesome trip with [ profile] solnote and some friends of him in august ♥
and to busy my mind today, I'm thinking about how to celebrate mine and [ profile] benkayte  birthdays this year since we already did a Fire Emblem crack-ish live gdr last year...any suggestions? XD

I do not feel motivated to do anything lately, haven't even drawn anything in months but this page of doodles for [ profile] measuringlife 
bof bof bof, time to kick my own ass and start doing something, if I cannot be active in real life I should at least be active in fandom XD
Plans for this sunday: fitness training and trying to catch up with the f-pages. maybe drawing...maybe.

And now excuse me, I have to force some food down my throat...bleh...I'm never hungry at this hour.

PS. I do not remember if I ever mentioned it here but I have a Tumblr account, consisting mostly on FE fanarts and random reblogging but more active than lj and a lot more than DeviantArt lately.

Ps2. ma perchè devo subirmi Radio Deejay? al momento stanno trasmettendo....Fabri Fibra.....non so se rendo. mi si sta attorcigliando lo stomaco.

Ps3.  Spending the working day playing "Guess who?" on Twitter with [ profile] benkayte ....priceless. U__U
(eh, I have nothing to do at the moment XD)


May. 19th, 2011 08:20 pm
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I apologize if my entry about pets rescue in Japan sounded offensive and hypocritical, that was not how I meant it....please read these comments for clarification
Thank you ♥


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