Mar. 11th, 2011

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The absurdity of these comments makes me RAGE. I can't believe someone really thought about this in this kind of situation....

What is happening in Japan is terrifying,  the number of victims is increasing every minute....I can't think of how many people and animals are dying.
Unfortunately I don't have money or time to donate anything at the moment but, and don't get me wrong, I wouldn't donate to Japan anyway.
Let me explain, it's not that I think this disaster is less tragic than others, I just think there are other places in the world with way less resources that need help more than Japan.
Among a lot of other things there is an HUGE cholera epidemy in Haiti and nobody knows, now that the earthquake has passed nobody talks about it anymore, many associations are desperately trying to get founds for causes nobody seem to remember anymore. (I usually recommend to donate without specifying a particular cause of the charity so the association can choose where the money are more needed, I don't see why one should have a preference anyway).
I'm terribly sorry for what is happening in Japan, but I believe in their resources and in the help they will receive from other countries...sad to say, where isn't political interest the economical help is way less.

Sorry guys, didn't want to sound offensive in any way, this is just my honest opinion. Being completely atheist a message like "let's pray for all the people in the world" would be hypocritical coming from me but everyone, let's do what we can for all the good causes in the world!

ps. Sorry for my (probably-ever-more-awful-than-usual) english, I'm extremely limited on time


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